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The color of urine


I bet there's been at least one time when the color of your urine has shocked you! I know it's happened to me with a medication and sometimes with some new vegetable in my diet. I also struggle to drink enough water where I live in the arid Southwest of the US, and often am warned by the color of my urine that I am dehydrated.

But when is that discoloration OK and when is it a sign of something more serious? This short article provides some answers to that, and will help you know when to call the doctor.

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Mine is darkerwhen I have a UTI (quite often with having a suprapubic catheter). Nitrofurantoin makes it even darker with a tinge of orange, but cures the UTI and it then returns to light yellow.

incon1982Administrator in reply to BarrySimpson

Nitrofurantoin definitely darkens urine! You are so right on that.

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