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Side effects of diabetes:


I've researched diabetes for months, now, and finally came upon this site that so far is quite helpful. Diabetes is a whole-body disease, and incontinence is one of the most annoying & frustrating aspects. I've ended up using Always undies (or Walgreen's brand, Certainty) nightly for the past 6-10 months & still rise after about 4 hours to use the loo. I'm able to use regular undies during the day. Followers of this blog I hope are familiar with Butterfly, ( to wear any time to help with fecal incontinence, at least for leakage. Nothing will help with the sudden onset of diarrhea. So far I haven't had to use the extra towel and other cleanup needs that I keep in the car. But I've embarrassed myself once in a store where, thank goodness, I knew the owner & she was wonderful in understanding the situation.

Currently I'm trying hard to learn which foods cause problems & which don't.

Thanks for reading.

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If in USA Corn syrup is one to watch for in so many foods but that and frustose syrup another one to watch cause issues

Fandance in reply to oscarbravo

Thanks, Oscar, it’s a good reminder. As a person with irritable bowel syndrome I’ve avoided these sugars for years, as well as the ones that end in -ose..


Butterfly has been off the market in the US for quite a while. I am happy to see that Attends has it back on the market!

Fandance in reply to incon1982

I’ve been using Butterfly for at least a year, though drug stores here don’t carry it. For a while I could buy it at Walmart, but last couple of visits it wasn’t available. Honestly, I think it’s because people feel embarrassed to be seen buying it, even in a store where they might go infrequently. I purchased about 20 boxes at once on line, so I no longer need to hunt for them. Forme, they’re a lifesaver, in combination with careful attention to my diet. Thanks for the comment.

incon1982Administrator in reply to Fandance

I remember that they used to be at Target a few years ago (before Attends acquired this product). Their website seems to have them for sale but doesn't mention any other place to buy them.

I,ve been incontinent for yrs due to being a diabetic.My wife is my best supporter and helps me a lot.

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