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Reaching men in the community

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Hello my name is Janien and I am the Director of a diaper bank in my community and i'm excited to join this group. Is there anyone in this forum that run adult diaper banks?

I have a question about reaching the male population because since I started in 2016 my only clients have been women. Is there something I should be doing that I'm not?

These seniors are all low income who cannot afford them.

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Wish there was one in s.e. iowa

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Have you tried working through senior centers, Meals on Wheels, VFW, American Legion, etc. to try and reach the men in your community? Those groups might be able to help you. Wish there were about 1000 more of you in the US! Thank you for all that you are doing to help.

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I am allowed one pack of diapers every 6 weeks from the Diaperbank at the Health Dept.

I AM grateful. My doctor(s) have been writing my "diaper prescriptions" for over the last 3 years as I wear them 24/7. I require heavier diapering being a "heavy wetter" + occasional fecal(now almost daily).

I need assistance.I had a caregiver last year & since she retired, I've been relying on a neighbor that changes me who's moving this week.

I hope to get a phone iinterview with ALTECH to get approved for diapering assistance since I recently fell again trying to change my diapers.

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chestnut7718 in reply to Diaperboy

I also use adult briefs and plastic pants full time for last few years. Can manage to change bm and wet briefs myself - standing and laying. Don't use cloth ones because it's too hard to clean them. Do you mess in public or at work? Thats the worst ever!

How about working more in the "RE"usable area ie washables that way just wash and once dried ready to go so always have back ups.

Where as disposables are landfill fodder that pollute plus chemicals in them irritate skin etc

It's an area more responsible people should be moving into.

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Thanks and you are correct its the responsible direction that Diaper Banks should move toward. My challenge is working with low-income people who cannot afford to buy their supplies let alone a washing machine to keep a stand by. I have a lot of eco-friendly ideas but, it's hard when dealing with people on fixed incomes.

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I'm double ic and using full protection. I would love to meet other men like me. the costs are very high for me but I buy top briefs to feel secure.

I would also suggest anal tampons.

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many more users of pads are women and not men statistically but there are lots of men also.

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MCDBEC in reply to chestnut7718

Hello, I’m so glad you asked. We provide adult briefs and baby diapers to low income families living below the poverty level who can’t afford them free of charge

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Hi I am a 47 year old male. I am bladder incontinent and I saw your post. What exactly is a diaper bank?

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chestnut11 in reply to Donnie1973

It's a place to get free adult briefs and other supplies. I have insurance so don't need to get free supplies. Without any supplies, I have a problem and have to stay home and use cloth. I am mid 40s and bowel and bladder incontinent.

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