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Wearing adult tapped briefs and plastic pants in Summer weather.

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Wearing adult tapped briefs and plastic pants in Summer weather. This is the hardest issue with wearing full time and in public. Sometimes, I find the plastic pants are sweatier than the fitted brief. Also, plan to deal with breakdown to plastic pants with barrier creams. Keep barrier cream inside padded area. And when should one change if the brief is very wet from sweat caused by plastic pants?

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Are you wearing the plastic pants overs the tabbed briefs because they consistently leak? Or just as a security measure? I can imagine the buildup of heat is intense and tough on your skin.

I'm trying to block odor.

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incon1982Partner in reply to chestnut7718

Oh OK. I need to give this a good think. It's like we need to find a breathable carbon filter pant!! It may take me a bit, but I will check somethings and try to see if there is something out there that might be cooler and easier on your skin, but also be a good odor absorbent product as well.

Someone on this site asked me about whether people can tell about diaper use because of the bulge - the answer to this is unfortunately yes - even when the diaper is dry. I wanted to tell the group of a pair of washable incot. cotton underwear that, while they don't work very well by themselves, conceal bulges over taped diapers because the whole front section is thick terry. It's called dribrief "db". I definitely recommend them!!! amazon.com/Dribrief-Breatha...

I wear them to contain smell if I mess in public until I can get home to change.

They also stop leaks and noise and are not as noticeable at the waist line as the tapped brief top.

They also support the brief so it doesn't sag as much.

I've lived with incon for many years and why do you need/use plastic pants? I've tried them because they were supplied to me but like you mentioned it made me sweat very bad and defeated the purpose of using one.

I use Calmoseptine ointment and it works the best to prevent breakdown and to help heal a rash if you get one.

To answer your question about changing due to sweat it doesn't matter when your brief is wet change it.

Thanks for your comment. I run a Bank for Seniors and those with disabilities. I want to put on an event to distribute adult briefs and talk more about incontinence. I mostly deal with seniors but, getting an influx of calls from people under 65 who want to be more active and can't because they are not sure what to wear in public. Did you find any solution to staying cool summer weather with different types of creams that might keep them dryer longer or creams that keep cool?

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scottytahoe in reply to MCDBEC

Calmoseptine ointment is the best summer cream.

I would wear a wellness superio brief under cotton pants under shorts to keep cool

Try the Gary Pant. They are expensive but not as hot as the plastic or vinyl pants for the summer. they come all the way up to a 54" hip and actually fit a 60" hip despite their pkg stating the largest is 54" hip.

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I love the Garywear diaper covers. They are made of PUL and can breathe without letting the wetness out.

you could try snap-on plastic pants

Leakmaster PUL snap on pants are great for the hotter months. Obviously not good for sleeping but otherwise great for the day. I often leave a snap or two unsnapped to allow better air flow during the day.

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