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The Simon Foundation for Continence

Adult and Infant Diaper Products Needed in Texas

Texans are facing catastrophic circumstances along the Gulf of Mexico in the United States due to Hurricane Harvey. One of the organizations that is trying to help out is the Texas Diaper Bank. They are looking for donations to help supply incontinence products to seniors and diapers for infants and toddlers. If you go to their website you can make a donation, and know that it will go to helping people right there in Texas who have lost everything. Including much needed diaper supplies. This is the link where you can make a direct donation: texasdiaperbank.networkforg...

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I've made an donation and I was praying for all the victims of this hurricane. This is very unpleasant thing to experience and I can't even imaging losing everything I have, everything I have built so far therefore if my donation can help them I will gladly do so. Moreover, especially people with various health problems after losing everything, even simple things like diapers that are hard to obtain under those circumstances it must be a big blow for those people, so if anyone here is also in position to donate some amount of money for those people I'll appreciate it.


Thank you for understanding and your generosity. No matter where we make our donations - there are so many outstanding organizations assisting in a variety of ways - it all helps. Every dollar makes a difference. Again, thank you!


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