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Menopause and Sickle Cell

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I am experiencing menopause because, I haven't had a period in many months. But what I notice is that I'm experiencing sickle cell crisis more often. After reading a lot information, I discovered that since the hormones protecting me and now going down, I'm at risk of many things, including stroke, heart problems and making my crisis worse. I don't know what to do other than take pain killers recommended by my doctor.

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Hi Iyalode,

I'm also hitting 50 in a couple of months and I've lived almost crisis free in my adult life but lately I get Migraines more often and absence of period. My hematologist says the Migraine in warriors are also crisis and might be down to me experiencing menopause. I'll advise you do some readings on vitamins you can use or better still speak to your gp or hematologist. As normal practice drink more water. I hope this helps.

Stay heathly!


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