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‘The Children who come and go’

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I don't know how to be a human being: I know how to be a human crying, a human lying, a

human trying, a human sighing, even a human dying. But a human being well I can't be.

– A.A-A

Diary entry: Brighton Summer – July 21st 1997 – 7years, seven months and 6days.

Today, our teacher took us to Brighton. This was my first time in Brighton, and probably my

last. The day started out well I was enjoying myself, eating lots of candyfloss and chatting with my friends, the whole class was completely relaxed. A few people were staring at me, and some even came up to me. They asked me why my eyes where yellow, I told them that I had sickle cell anaemia and that it was one of the symptoms, one of the boys asked if I could see in yellow, I told them I saw fine. Then, one of the boys whispered that it looked like someone had pissed in my eyes, they all started laughing and walked away. I guess I should be used to that by now, but still, I cried for a while in the toilets, no big deal really. I went on like everything was fine. But I had to spoil it all by getting sick, I hate myself! Why did I have to be born a sickler I hate that word sickler, they all call me that ‘sickler’ the doctors, my parents, everyone! All I hear is sick sick sick.

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