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9 year old girl half African half english

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Hello. My daughter is 9. She has sickle cell trait. She has F type blood if that's relevant. Low white blood cells, vitamin D deficiency, osteochronitis and I have today just found out her liver is not functioning properly. She has not started her period but has brown blood daily( maybe due to her liver?) for a long time. She is in pain daily in her legs and arms. She is exhausted doing P.E and Physical movement. Now I've searched everywhere for help. Doctors are not good at putting everything together. And specialists only deal with one thing( their specialist subject) not the whole picture. My daughter is ill. Her pain has been put down to vit D but by tripled dose finally she is at a better level but her pain has continued. If anyone on here is knowledgeable enough to read this and understand what is possibly actually wrong with my daughter? Please let me know. Thankyou

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She is having pain crisis and crisis is affecting her liver. She has sickle cell and needs to be treated for it

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