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Cellod s and dedication's

I have a daughter with as . she takes cellos s medication. Can she take penicillin vk, folic acid and multivitamin medicines?.

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If As, it means only a carrier, but If she's hemoglobin SS, you can give. They are maintainance drugs


Thanks. She is haemoglobin ss.


Hi, it seems from your story that you’re not too sure whether your daughter is a carrier or has the sickle cell disease itself. This is a very serious issue, it’s your daughter’s life so you must have her checked up properly. I have the SCD itself and takes penicillin V with folic acid which helps manage the disease on top of that I have been taking hydroxy carbamide for under two years now and it helps control the Anaemia and helps reduce the crisis levels. Good luck.


Emmanuel1, Thank you for your comment. My daughter is haemoglobin ss. I manage the ss very well with visitations to ss support centers.


Multivitamins and folic acid is alright, I really don't think you should give her Penicillin. My daughter is AS, we don't give her penicillin as it's a strong antibiotic and you shouldn't take antibiotics only if you need it e.g. for an infection etc I've got Sickle cell and we only take antibiotics to prevent an infection as we are prone to having the flu, a chest infection or an infection from a wound or an ulcer

Give her anything else, just not penicillin. Hope that helps.

Oh my sister is AS as well, she doesn't take penicillin


Oh I thought you said she was AS at the beginning of your thread, if she is SS, she definitely needs Penicillin

So which is it?


She has haemoglobin ss


1.how old is your daughter?

2.penicillin is an antibiotic

Her daily dose of folic acid and multivitamins is a must! ( cod-liver oil,folic acid and paludrine if she is within any malaria zone)

Has she done a full blood count.She needs to do that before taking any daily dose of penicillin.

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