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I am an 84 year old woman, and have sickle cell trait. I have never had any problems in this respect.

Recently I had an infected corn on one toe which was treated. However, pain continued and then seemed to spread to my leg. I have since had three X-rays because my doctor suspected arthritis, all of which proved nothing except that I have 'strong bones'. The pain in my joints is severe, especially early morning. Is it possible that the pain killers I have been prescribed are not compatible with the sickle cell trait? I have today decided to stop taking the pain killers, to see if there is any improvement.

Any advice would be welcome.

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Try sunlight, I am in the UK where Sun is not in abundance, however, sunlight sans the heat radiance can be beneficial(even through my window) . I also find that reducing my sugar intake helps significantly. In the summertime when the sun is at its highest there can be no excuse for Me to escape the natural light and consequently avoid submission to 'artificial' painkillers.


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