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Young, scared, confused


I am not sure if I have joined the correct forum and if anyone can offer me some comfort and reassurance. So I have a low reading of MCHC AND MCH from majority of my blood tests. Now I've had many blood tests in the pass and no doctor has ever bought this up before until just a few years ago when they have told me I am a suspect for alpha thalassemia trait.

So they did further tests and told me I have alpha thalassemia. However, is this disease something you have from when you were born or can it come later on in life? Or could it be completely something else?

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You are born with it. One of your parents also has it and if you have siblings I strongly urge you to tell them, so they can get themselves tested.

Oh and this site maybe more useful to you - ukts.org

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So having alpha thalassemia, will it affect me anyway besides if my partner has it too?


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