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It's Rare Disease Day!


Today is Rare Disease Day, a day for raising awareness of rare diseases. Sickle cell is rare: even in countries where it is most prevalent, in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon at most 2% of the population may live with the disease.

So, today be proud, be visible and talk about your disease! Help raise awareness, because too many people know nothing at all about sickle cell!

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I will be 35 year old on the 25th of March and living with sickle cell disease all this year had not broken me but rather strengthen me. Although it's been very rough but carrying on. Drink plenty of water friends. For people who do not know about sickle cell, yea, it is rare but yet common. As we speak, many are in pains, read up about sickle cell or visit hospitals.

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