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Living with Sickle Cell Disease
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The Importance of Advocacy

The best way to start Patient Advocacy is to start with yourself or a close fami...

what is the difference between SCD and thalassemia complications?

Can anyone help talk about this?

Hello there

hi I am new to the community, looking forward to finding additional information!...

Hello everyone

I'm here in Atlanta for SCD conference meeting lots of great people, look forwar...

hi everyone

glad to be here at SCDAA in Atlanta all the way from Nigeria and hope to have so...

I am glad to join the sickle Cell Community this morning

Hello my community this is Dr. Guobadia


I have a 18 year old son with sc. I have the trait. I'm here to encourage and be...


Greetings to the God of the Universe, there is no one like Him in Heaven nor in ...

Sickle Cell at 10 year's Old..

Hi... My Grandbaby is 10 and she has only had one episode so far but lately she ...

Sickle cell

Hello everyone my name is Jessica well i didn't know i had sickle cell disease u...


Question can you live for 45 years and not know you have sickcell

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