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Little scared of first occurrence or more chemo damage

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It's been 2 yrs. Cancer free trying to learn how to live ca125 jumped 15 pts but I'm still pretty positive. Dr wants cat scan and labs on my kidneys. I have a uti if been being treated for.might be more! I'm a little scared 😒I just started living again

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It is a crime that teal sisters can't relax even after 2 years NED. No one can reassure us completely, sadly there are no guarantees with our type of cancer, but I've read many many times that CA125 can elevate for several reasons. And given that you're battling a UTI, it sounds likely that is the cause. We do this thing one day at a time. I pray that you can put your fears aside and enjoy today. Whatever happens with your scan, you will have options and you will continue to live and fight strong.

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Thank usually the one saying these things.i needed to be the one hearing it this time

I know how you feel, I was just told yesterday that I need surgery and chemo again this will be my second time. It feels different than the first time. I was just planning a big trip to get out of town and away for a while and now I'm stuck at home again. I knew I had a risk of it coming back but like you it's been 3 years and I was getting my life in order and planning big things only to feel like I've been shot down again.

Letting you all know and knowing you've been there helps extremely.

Here we go and remember no one fights alone we're all here for each other.

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Teal sisters forever πŸ’–

Thank you to all my real sisters that responded to my cat scan sho we'd I have 2 spots on my lungs (3cm and 5cm) that was not there last yr.dr said we will do more blood work and cat scan in 3 mths.

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