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Ovarian cancer alternative therapies

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I read post here about a woman telling her friend the a herbs knows " she decided to take the herbs I told her about. after all that when the hospital was doing the check up, they found that the cancer disappeared and they didn't know how to explain to her that it was real before surgery."

I've read a lot of books about alternative treatments and found a specific herb to use. There was no specific name she used. I assume you're not allowed to mention a specific name because that could be giving medical advice. I don't know where or if there are specific guidelines on this site. You can't reply to her post anymore. I'm hoping she will see this and respond.

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If someone recommends something it is not illegal unless they say they are a doctor or something. If they say "I'm not a doctor but this seems to have worked for me" it is different. I hope she sees your post and replies. Good luck. (I wouldn't mind knowing what she took for after my chemo.)

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