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I was diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian cancer in April of 2017. My CA125 was 2800. I developed a mass on my right side that grew rapidly. Had surgery with complete deblucking. Mass was 5 lbs.. I had 6 rounds of chemo . It's 12 weeks since my last treatment with chemo and my last CA125 was 30. I am due for my Bloodwork. Really scared that the results won't be good. I don't have any signs that the results will be negative (higher CA125) but my oncologist said the cancer will come back. Would like to hear from those of you that have had Stage 4 Ovarian cancer and how you are doing.

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Hello, my mum is stage four and some wonderful ladies here said that their oncologists told them to treat their condition like a chronic condition like diabetes or something; ie something that you treat on the long term. I think it really helps to think of it as that mind set, I know its helped my mum. Also many ladies have wonderfully long remissions so I really hope you do too! Your CA125 is great! Hugs x


Back in 2010 I was diagnosed as Stage 1a, (CA125 was just 8) but over the years I've had lots of surgery and chemo but the Oncologist never discusses Stages. We focus on the next treatment and I'm starting a Trial in the New Year so I am feeling optimistic about everything despite being a late Stage. Luckily I have no pain and haven't suffered too much the whole time but my tumour is growing. Let's hope Paclitaxel helps because surgery made it worse 12 months ago. Good luck with your results and try not to worry too much!


Hi Northrop, I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian Dec 2016 and had surgery then. My CA125 was 1300 at start of chemo (January 2017). After a year of chemo now it finally made it into normal range (32). Your CA125 of 30 is great. I'll be staying in "maintenance" chemo for awhile. Best to you and feel free to keep in touch. Naomi

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Hi Naomi, Thank you for your reply. I'm really interested in what maintenance chemo is. My Oncologist wanted to put me on Zuyla (not sure about the spelling) but the side effects scare me. I Should get the results of my latest CA125 blood test tomorrow. Anxious to see if it remains at 30 or hopefully less. I am trying to eat right, excercise, etc. to stay as healthy as I can but cancer reoccurance is always on my mind. Look forward to keeping in touch with you. Take care. Northrop


Hi again, Not sure I can define maintenance therapy but I think it means they keep you on something "just in case"? I am on Gemzar/cisplatin and my "team" is considering recommending keeping me on Gemzar-only as maintenance (cisplatin has more side effects - makes me feel sickly for about a week after the treatment so would be glad to get off it). Hang in there, Naomi


I was diagnosed with Stage 4 uterine cancer, but I am still not clear if it's like Ovarian cancer. My doctor explained but I never understood. I wish you strength and love and would be happy to share anything. I am not sure what the CA 125 numbers mean because mine always run low. My norm was 5.8, and it's now 9.2. My doctor said the numbers are specific to the individual also.


Hi Northrop, how soon did you start chemo after surgery? My mom was diagnosed and had 35cm of cancer removed and was very weak and sick and started chemo a couple weeks later and we will be only 3 weeks in this coming Friday. It's been very tough for her. She is only 59 and was healthy before all this started. Does chemo get 'better' if you will as it goes on?


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