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Clear Cell Chemo

I have been diagnosed with clear cell 1c. I did my research and discussed possible options with my oncologist and made a decision that is definitely not for everyone. I decided against doing chemo. The decision was not made lightly. I went into our meeting thinking that there would be some discussion over number of cycles and if there were other possible treatments. Once I had all the facts I decided that for me no chemo was my best option. As I’ve said this is not the right decision for everyone with my type and stage of ovarian cancer but I do urge not automatically doing chemo because that’s what’s done. Do what works for you

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Well said. Each of us regardless of what stage or form of ovarian cancer needs to be educated about all our options and make the best decisions for our own particular situation.


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I was diagnosed with stage 1A. After the shock, I was on the fence about having the chemo. I really felt I didn't want it but it is high grade and after fighting with myself, I had my first treatment two weeks ago.

May I ask if you are seeking other alternatives?


Not at the moment. Obviously a healthy living lifestyle is extremely important.


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