Hi. Just had a major Debulking surgery on May 31. Goal Hysterectomy removal of my appendix and the fatty stomach flap. My Dr was amazing. He believes he got it all out. I'm stage 3C. Did not have to have my lymph nodes removed. I'm recovering at home now after 6 days in the hospital. I am 63 so have already been post-menopausal since my late 40's but I feel waves of emotion at times and I find myself crying. Is this normal?

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  • Yes it's are going through alot!!! I'm on antidepressants

  • Yes. It is definitely normal. I too was diagnosed Stage 3C and I am now a 12 year survivor. While I had one recurrence, I've been NED (no evidence of disease) since November 2008. Best wishes to you! - Gwen

  • yes, very normal, I still cry and it's going to be a year the 17 of this month since my last chemo.. it's all the uncertaty, fear of the unknown, hang in there. we are tough we can do this!

  • Everyone is different I'm 54 mow was 51 at time of diagnosis. I've never cried, but all my friends did plenty for me. I still get hot after eating food. Had complete debulking appendix , omentum and removed 15 lymph nodes cancer found in two. I'm stage 3c clear cell ovarian cancer. Afterwards about a year, had 5 Herneas fixed. Had chemotherapy and stomach wash chemo started about 8 weeks after surgery. Cancer free now. Best wishes, Liz

  • Completely normal. All of us had similar stories. Will you start chemo in a few weeks? Stay hydrated, drink drink drink, now and all through chemo. constipation was my biggest problem all through chemo. it is very drying. Hang in there, you can do this.


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