Only The Strong Will Survive

Hello to all my Teal Warrior Sisters out there.

I hope all is going well with your treatments and recovery from surgeries. Been away for a while but now I am back. Stronger than ever.I Have 1 more treatment remaining and my mission is accomplished. God be willing. It's been a rough ride but I survived it all and I know you ladies will too. Together we will gain strength, courage, and confidence to fight this silent killer among woman. We may struggle but we must never quit. Stay Strong, Stay Positive, my Teal Sisters and may God Be With You All. and remember Only The Strong Will Survive.

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  • I have had five Chemos for my ovarian cancer which was declared gone after three treatments. After the first and second treatments my feet were on fire-- the result periphrial neuropathy....which I suffer from every day. Wonder if anyone suffers the same?

    Anyway after my fifth Chemo and wasting away of my body, I made tha choice of not having the sixth and final treatment. My quality of life is so much better and I hope and pray I may be in remission. Better than wasting away like I was doing. Anyone else make such a choice? Oh, and I just turned 90 years old.

  • Dearest Adonohu, First, Congratulations for being 90 years old! That's an accomplishment itself. Second, peripheral neuropathy can be reduced by having ice bags placed over your hands and feet during chemo infusions. It makes me angry that this is not standard procedure. Luckily, I found out about it and requested that during chemo. It worked incredibly well. At some point during my 34 weeks of taxol/carboplatin and cisplatin I forgot to put the ice on my feet so I have pain in my feet, which 9 months after chemo is finally improving to the point where it no longer keeps me awake at night. I have NO neuropathy in my hands at all. Iced them every time. Third, the side effects you're experiencing are making the quality of your life not good. Wasting from chemo is a serious situation. If you had fallen into the downward spiral of cachexia that alone can kill a person. I thoroughly agree with and respect your decision to stop treatment, especially since you've been told the cancer was gone after three treatments. That would make you quite platinum sensitive which is a good thing. You know yourself and your body best. I think you've made a sound decision. Love and hugs to you, Tesla

  • 90! God loves you. I found cold compress helped s little for neuropathy, and I have lidoderm patch [pain medication in a patch] helped some. I'm also on neurontin which probably helps. Blessings to you Eileen

  • Thanks for the reply, Eileen. Yes, we each must deal with the problems dealt to us. I believe in being positive and prayerful as I go on in my journey....tememberingthe special occasions and wonderful support of my family! Each day brings special joys as I talk to caretakers and nurses , who also have problems that I can help them talk about.

    Life is ok.

  • caretakers are people with the same problems [like allergies] that we discussed. After all, if you have 40 years on your caretaker, there has to be something I can discuss with 30 years of trial and error under my belt. And you know, if you had your gall bladder out in the late 70's, that's a story & a half. I just speak of "the olden days". No cell phones, answering machines, rocket ships. My my, have CA125 taken and get a ctscan with contrast.You are not protected by your PAP test. Whole different test. Education is the defense against ovarian cancer.

  • Hello There,

    I did the same thing the first time around in 2013. I went through 5 chemo treatments. CA125 was down to .6 I was able to maintain the tumor size for 1 year. But after that the tumor grew and back to the fluid built up again. Had to start chemo all over again went ahead with surgery. I already had 2 chemo treatments and 1 more remaining.

    I wish you the best through out your journey. You are Warrior and a women of great strength. May peace, love , health and happiness be with you and your family. And remember The Strong will Survive.

  • Only 2 chemos down and I'm ready to stop but waiting to see the scans after chemo 3. Then I'll decide. May want to quit if scans are good I'm only 65 yr. old but I need quality of life. I've had neuropathy in my feet for 6 years and after the MRI is when they found a "suspicious " cyst in pelvic region. Well the short of it is Ovarian cancer IIIB high grade serous. I was already unable to use my feet but injections making them better but after the hysterectomy, etc and 2 chemo my feet are off the charts and now my hands have started. I wish to be able to have both my feet and both hands without permanent nerve damage and horrible pain the rest of my life. They already had to delay my 2nd chemo by one week. In that week I really started feeling great. Now chemo #2 was 7 days ago and I'm back to the neuropathy which is off the charts. My poor feet are raw like my insides feel. I'm strong but..... I've got to question if there are no visible tumors after surgery, only micro cells spinning around maybe, is 7 months of agony worth a half life?

    Thanks for to everyone out there who is fighting the fight with me for your prayers and thoughts. Right back at ch y'all


  • Wow! What an amazing lady you are, 90 is tremendous, I admire your strength in fighting this awful disease and I understand your desire for quality of life. I too have a peripheral neuropathy from the chemo, the pain is only occasional but the tingling and pins and needles are constant but we adapt. I wish you many more years disease free and with good health. Enjoy your life, it's too precious not to. Sending lots of love across the pond ❤️Xx Jane

  • Totally disagree. This statement puts unnecessary pressure on people to think they have to be "strong". Most ladies get through it as best as possible. Being so called strong affects the outcome in no way whatsoever and statements like that do not help those who are just able to get through treatment and plan.


  • I'm so sorry you feel that way I'm not trying to put pressure on any one. Strength is needed to over come the Shock, Denial, Fear, Grief, Anger, Guilt , and Acceptance. of this terrible silent killer among women. This is what I went through and I know how hard it was for me. Once I built up the strength and courage to fight all of the stages. Things started happening more in my favor. Being strong is needed to chose the right treatment plan, good nutrition for our minds body and spirit, plenty of rest and live a stress free life.

    Along with our family and friends and this network helps give us the support we need to keep each other strong to give us that extra push to keep fighting for our lives and to educate and empower others. My words still stands. I'm not changing or re phasing my words or statements. I wish you the best.

  • Again we shall have to agree to disagree.

    Whatever works for you but others have different ways that work for them. Like OC in general one size does not fit all.

    Also I did not ask you to change your words as they obviously work for you. I disagreed that this was the best way for everyone.

    Regards Fay

  • Well said fearlessone. You're the best. Just made my day. Kudos 😂😇

  • Chemo is hard and you feel like more than he'll warmed over but you are sort of giving strong a bad rap. We need not let hopeless gain on us . I'm preferring to se through the pain and other very horrible physical and mental issues I'm trying to survived. I prefer sunshine lollipops and roses. Alternative is worse. Please , may angels give you hope.

    Now I must sign off luv going to listen to some uplifting music all the best 😎🎉🎶🎶🎶

  • Hey Honrath,

    Your never lied about Chemo being very hard I've had 14 cycles and my last one will be at the end of this month. Sorry if you feel I'm giving Strong a bad rap,

    I know what works for some may not work for others because were all are different in many ways. But anyway as life goes on we will win the battle one way or another. I hope strength will over come the pain, physical and mental issues that circles around us as we deal with all these things to hope for a cure. I enjoy reading and talking to you all. I've learn so much from many of you.. I'm going outside now to do some gardening. Have a good day. Stay Strong and you will Survive. Take Care,

  • I understand what you are saying. I am 1 year cancer free. I must say there were many days I was riding on the prayers of others because I did not have the strength to do anything but lay there.

    Something about the title of this post breaks my heart. I can not assume women who did or do not survive this horrible disease are weak or negative. They may have fought or are continuing to fight to the bitter end.

    It was not MY strength that resulted in me surviving, it was the grace of God.

    The lessons I learned are numerous. One of those many lessons is that going through cancer is a personal journey. While I do respect fearlessone finding her strength in being positive & that being what gets her through, I would caution to put that expectation on others.

    I am a positive person, I love God and others the best way I know how. But there were days I didn't have the strength to do anything but sleep, rest and cry because it hurt so bad. I learned to lean in and let others help me, which was so extremely hard for me.

    Some fight with Faith. Some fight with learning to be dependent. Some fight learning to stay positive and so on....

    We are all scared.

    We are hopeful.

    We are all vulnerable.

    We are all weak at times.

    We are all strong at times.

    We all get angry.

    We all learn to love better.

    We are all doing the best we know how.

    We are all fighters.

    We are all not really in control.

  • Hello Cha Cha, Thanks for your reply. I I'm so happy hear that you are cancer free. This is what motivates me hearing about many women who are cancer survivors. This is what help me to get through all these years. I Had to learn the hard way to control my emotions during my cancer journey it almost had killed me. It was the hardest battle I ever had to face in my whole entire life. But through God giving me the power to stand strong on his Word and my faith. I have 1 more treatment remaining and my mission is complete.

    I've been on the Battle Field for almost 5 years now as look back I've been through it all I am still hear to share my story and continue to reach out to all of my Teal sister out there to keep on putting up the good fight. Because that's what is going to take to win this battle. Take care and wish you all the best and stay strong.

  • Hi Fearlessone, I love your energy and passion to recover from this merciless disease. If attitude could actually cure, happy people wouldn't even get cancer. If positive outlook could trigger recovery then we would be able to simply wish ourselves well.

    Sometimes, strong people are dealt a destructive fatal disease. There is no amount of "strong" that can save a person if their body simply does not respond to "treatment".

    Treatment still consists of "Burn, Slash and Poison". Even in 2017 the chemical treatment for this disease seems incredibly crude, relatively un targeted and debilitating. Yes, I know, there are very hopeful treatments in the pipeline. But right now, "Fighting the Good Fight" is for friends and family as much as ourselves. The "fight" is actually giving permission to be subjected to a "cure" which is actually not a fight at all! It's submission to a miserable process in the hopes of a positive outcome.

    I have had thousands of hours to ponder this. I know that every person's cancer experience is totally unique. What works for me may actually be harmful to another. For you, your exuberance and commitment will take you to a good outcome no matter what happens. I can tell you know how to make lemonade.

    We all fight separate battles yet we are all connected. If we're lucky, we find safe places like this forum to share information and to give and receive comfort along the way. Love to you and all the people who show up here to share our human experience. Tesla

  • You put into writing all the actual feelings I've had bouncing around inside me since chemo started. I totally agree with everything you said. Most people are so against surgery, but I felt more positive to it than the chemo. It may be my sensitivity to chemicals: household cleaners, perfumes, sunblock, lotions, meds, cigarette smoke, that make me hate the chemo. I emotionally object to every treatment. So I'm going to take it one at a time.

    Thanks again for stating what I was feeling. Blessings Eileen

  • Eileen, OC data shows that for best outcome a combination of high quality surgery with removal of all visible disease followed by chemo to "mop up" residual cells is effective. This has worked remarkably well for me. Like most of us, surgery and chemo is a frightening thought. Initially I was not going to have ANY treatment as I couldn't find up to date info on Dr. Google. However, I found an excellent surgeon and with his skills plus chemo I am 9 months NED. Knowing what I know now I'd do it all over again. I know what to do if/when OC comes back. Meanwhile, for fun, I am a professional artist. I'm now back to work in my studio also looking forward to my son's wedding in September. Life is good. No complaints.

  • That's wonderful. It's good to have the up side of this situation to look forward to. I just keep saying to myself "and this too shall pass". When I think back to where I was in Jan/Feb, I know that patience is a virtue.

  • Hello Eileen,

    Keep saying those words to yourself. It help me to tear down those walls and yes Patience is a Virtue. Because patience help me to become stronger. You on the right track and God will see you through. May Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness come your way. Take Care and stay Strong you will Survive.

  • That's what it take one day at a time. To get through it all. Try to do things that makes you happy. That helps to keep our minds on other things than our sickness, I been doing a lot better since my surgery I though I would never ever- totally recover from the pain was something I would not wish on any one. I wish you the best take care and Stay Strong.

  • Hi Tesla 7

    Its good hearing for you and thanks for your feed back and your right we all are fighting so many separate battles but we are all connected some kind of way. From the hurt , pain, the unknown the un-certain. It's like a roller coaster ride you have the buckle up and go for the wild ride of the ups and down and turn around. Wish you the best and stay in touch.

  • Thanks Tesla,

    I love you attitude along with your determination. Keep it up it always has a way of rubbing off on others which is a good thing. We all need to stay Empowered as were on the battlefield. Take care and wish you best.

  • Where will you be going....what will you be doing next? we all have to make plans for having some fun. Blessings Eileen

  • Hi Eileen,

    Looking forward to Birthdays, Mother day, Memorial Day and my grandaughter graduation next month. Me and my husband will also be planning our vacation. Celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary. Life is good. Take care Eileen wish you all the best.

  • Amen!

  • I so needed to read your words. I'm having a rough time only have 2 Chemo 's over. I'm hoping I'm strong enough to go the distance. You gave me hope. Thanks fearlessone

    Prayers for your continued health


  • we undergo the same treatments, relatively, but our experience of these treatments and the disease itself differ.

    i prefer to wish others well on whatever road they're on. and not to assume that i have any answers for others. only empathy.

    the rah rah stuff---well, if it works for you, great. for some of us it does not.

  • Best wishes

  • Hello Kagan,

    I know its been rough. And I can say is I wish you the best through out your journey.

    Sorry about the rah rah stuff. But I'm plaining on winning this war. Because that's what it been for me a war in my Life. I'm giving it my all I got and some. Take Care and may peace and happiness come your way to fight this battle with us. Your not alone.

  • Congratulations on fighting this dreadful disease with such courage and conviction. I believe in the power of positivity too. I wish you good health from now on ❤️Xx Jane

  • Happy Saturday too you. Thanks for your reply. Yes I am on Battle Field. I'm been fighting this battle for almost 5 years now. As I look back from the years there been a lot of Tears, Fears, Worries , Doubt, and Anger that was then. As I took a stand that this shit wasn't going to kill me. I was going to kill it. I had positive people around me to lift me up encourage, educate ,and Inspire and prayers, things started to get better day by day. It took a lot of time to get where I'm at now. That's why always use the word Strong. People can say what they want. But to beat this terrible sickness you have to be Strong. We all are strong women. look back were you all been and were you are now. You here to share your stories and voice your opinions. We have to hurt to heal. its all a long process. But in time we will win. I pray that God will heal us from all sickness even when treatments has failed. I wish you all the best . Take care and stay Strong and we will Survive.

  • Your words are inspirational you have come so far and I'm a "newbie but I have a great support system! Positive thoughts are a good start as begin to kill this cancer. It will not beat me. So game on.

    Thank you so much 😊

  • Hey Honrath,

    I was a newbie to. Keep those positive thoughts because that's what going to put things into action. What positive things you say are the things your going to do. Some time going through tough times like this we find ourselves hurting more over the cancer like myself. The shock alone just being diagnosed with this terrible silent killer was just unbearable. I wept for about 3 weeks went into a total deep emotional depression which cause my tumor to enlarge even more.I had to get a grip on myself to focus on my treatment plan Finally I did just that. It was hard. But I survive to tell my story. We will win this battle together. May Peace, Love and Joy and better health come your way. Be patient because it will. Stay Storng.

  • Hey, Fearlessone: I can tell by your name that you are. I think I am too. I put my house up for sale in Aug. 2016. I just got a contract on it. My realtor asked if I'm going to be up to the move. I said "Sure , it's at the tail end of my cycle, so it should work out good." she said "you're one strong woman". I answered "It's not what's in the body, it's what's in the mind", without even thinking. I guess I just live by that thought process. So "YEAH, I'M MOVING IN JUNE TO MY DREAM HOUSE". Now, I have ducks to line up. and you keep on being Fearless. Blessings, Eileen

  • Hey Eileen so you moving on up. You go Warrior. I'm so happy for you. Its all good. I'm back into action now myself. Just started working back out after my surgery back in February. Had 2 chemo treatments and 1 more to go this month. Its good to be back in the swing of things. Still on my good organic diet able to do some shopping hang out with family and friend. Life is good right now and God be willing it will be for future. Keep doing what your doing. Keep us posted. Take care and Stay Strong Teal Warrior Sister.

  • still packing. Punked today after chemo Wed. Hopped up from meds for 1 1/2 days. So got packing done. Today, HGTV and rest. Lose weight due to no appetitie. It all works out. I now live in a storage unit [surrounded by boxes]. I have too much stuff. But I love my stuff. I will go off line for a while. Be back after move. Blessings, Eileen

  • Hey Eileen, glad to hear you are getting things done. I know how it is when your on a time line when moving. Try to take it easy o.k. got to let your body fully recharge from your treatment. I'm heading out to the flee market tomorrow to sell some of my goods it been some thing I've been wanting to do for some time now. I finally built up the courage and strength to go a head and do this before my last treatment. Going to start loading up my car now. Will log back on a little later.

  • Whatcha selling? I used to do craft fairs. Lots of work, set up tent/take down, tables, cloths jewelry that I made. Met nice people, made little money. I'm still all for yard sale. Meet neighbors, close facilities. Does all this fall under "Can't keep a good woman down"?

  • Luv ya jane

  • ladies, ladies!! please see to it the very last peal has been rung. meanwhile i, smiling sweetly, exit stage left.


    my beliefs remain my own.)

    as your beliefs remain yours.

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