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Ovarian cancer recurrence

Hi, I started my cancer journey in 2006. I had breast cancer. About 3 years later I was diagnosed with a brand new breast cancer. I had genetic testing and it came back negative. About three years later I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and found out I do have the Braca 1 mutation. Specifically the Bart mutation. Currently I am having an ovarian recurrence. My type of ovarian cancer is not the normal one that is seen. I have been on a few medications and tolerated them well. Just not getting the response we are hoping for. Would be interested in hearing from other ovarian cancer patients with the Bart mutation.

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Well, it looks like you have them stumped. I don't think any cancer is normal, just my opinion. I had the BRCA test right down the line and they found the connection to colon cancer [Lynch syndrome] which is heavy in my family.

I wish you all the best in this life chalange. Eileen


I was hoping others would post about their experiences as I don't personally know of anyone that has the BART mutation, though I know they are out there. I did a quick search on the internet to see if I could find any articles that suggest specific treatments that those with BART mutations are more likely to respond to and haven't found anything that specifically targets BART as of yet. In general, those with BRCA mutations (of which BART is a subset) tend to be responsive to PARP inhibitors.

Have you talked with the folks at the Clearity Foundation? Their mission is "to help ovarian cancer patients and their physicians make better-informed treatment decisions based on molecular profiling of tumors. Our goal is to help women with recurrent ovarian cancer live longer, healthier lives." I know women who have used them to help make treatment decisions, and have talked with the founder. She is a survivor herself and has dedicated her medical and scientific skills to helping the ovarian cancer community. You can find an archive of a Support Connection webinar she gave in Sept 2015:

SHARE offers a clinical trial matching service that may be of interest to you:

The other place where you might find some help is Cure Forward at I just got an email about their services. They offer clinical trial navigators that help you find trials based on your specific situation and molecular profile. I don't have any experience with them, so can't vouch for them. But their website looked interesting and I plan to keep them on my radar if I recur. Having said that, they are not focused on ovarian cancer in particular where as the Clearity Foundation is.

Hope this helps. Have a great weekend!


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I found out my cancer is carcinoma sarcoma. Anyone else have this type of ovarian cancer?


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