I am learning so much from all of you. Thank you

I am learning so much from all of you. Thank you

In some small way I am hopeful that you will know that each post that I read from you, I learn something new and/or helpful information. The support is amazing for one another. I made this certificate for you, to let you know each one of you are wonderful and the time you spend to help each one of us is greatly appreciated.


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  • rppizio, this is wonderful!!!

  • I loved reading your blog post. And I'm glad you found this group. It amazes me some of the things we can learn from each other that make our journey a little bit easier. Be well.

  • I agree with you!! This site has been a huge blessing for me as well. 🌺

  • thank you for posting this, I feel like you also, I get way more information from my teal sisters than my oncologist . and a big thank you to all those that post all the info, I have zero energy, I barely manage to read I have guilt that I don't respond when I know full well that I have something to contribute :(

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