Ask an Ovarian Cancer Expert Anything: Announcing Our First AMA!

Ask an Ovarian Cancer Expert Anything: Announcing Our First AMA!

On June 14, all members of the SHARE Ovarian Cancer Support community will be able to chat with gynecologic oncology expert Dr. Don Dizon of Mass. General Hospital and ask him ANY questions they have about ovarian cancer or his work!

This special online event is called an AMA, or "Ask Me Anything." At 12:00PM ET on Wednesday, June 14, Dr. Dizon will be logged on to our community for one hour, reading every question that comes in on the official AMA thread and responding to as many as he can.

This is an amazing opportunity to talk to a renowned ovarian cancer expert and get your questions answered!

We'll follow up with more information on how to participate as the date approaches. Stay tuned!

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  • This is a great idea. I can't wait!

  • Goosebumps came to me when I read this. Thank you so much.

  • What is it that causes my entire abdomen to lock down and distend fro about 4 days after chemo?

  • I don't know if this question can be answered but I' I'm just curious. When will Ovarian Cancer be recognize like Breast Cancer. Some times I get upset about not finding support groups and Walk and Runs or resources or T.V. advertising . I hope this will change soon.

  • Less fond of pink all the time. Services at my treatment center are available to breast cancer patients that I cannot access because my cancers are the wrong color. Nurse navigators for example.

  • Omg I was just saying the same thing to someone the other day. I wish that breast and ovarian awareness could team up so women could find resources to both. But I definitely feel where you are coming from. Hopefully this will change. I think with more awareness more women will catch their ovarian cancer at an earlier stage.

  • Cant wait to join you all tomorrow. D

  • Dr. Dizon, thank you for doing this ♡!!!!!

  • Will immunotherapy after chemotherapy benefit someone who has a recurrence 2 years after a radical hysterectomy from StageIV serous carcinoma?

  • These are all great questions, everyone-- Dr. Dizon will be joining us in just a moment, so you can ask away! If you aren't able to join us, we'll try to ask the questions that are listed here so you can see the answers later.

  • Any suggestions for herbs or spices that may help cure ovarian cancer?

  • Hi Belsie ! If you click over to the post called "Ask Me Anything with Dr. Dizon. Join Now" you can ask your question there so he will see it! He is only answering questions on that thread.

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