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Living Beyond Breast Cancer - MBC Treatments on Zoom

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Hi Fellow MBC Ladies: There is a Living Beyond Breast Cancer Zoom presentation on December 16 that will be discussing all the new treatments for MBC patients. .

Ask the Expert: New Treatments in Metastatic Breast Cancer

Date:Wednesday, December 16, 2020 Time: 7:00 PM - 7:45 PM Eastern Time

Online, via Zoom webinar.

Here is the information to register:


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I would love to join in, but it will be held at midnight my time, so I won't be staying up for that. It's a shame because I like to know what's new in the metastatic breast cancer world. If you take part, would you mind reporting back?


Sure, be happy to!

That would be great. Thank you! I look forward to hearing back about the event.


Thank you for sharing. Will do my best to join in. Can you clarify who will be presenting?

All the best

Here is more about who is presenting: During the webinar, you will hear from medical oncologist, Nancy U. Lin, MD with an update on new and emerging therapies for metastatic breast cancer from her participation in the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium. After Dr. Lin’s brief update, we will spend the remainder of the time taking your questions.

While this is a free program, you must register in order to receive the instructions on how to join the Zoom webinar on December 16.

Meet our expert:

Nancy U. Lin, MD, is the associate chief director of the division of breast oncology and director of the metastatic breast cancer program at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Her research is focused upon developing new treatments for patients with metastatic breast cancer and in understanding mechanisms of therapeutic resistance.

Thank you very much! Already registered.

The Webinar was very informative, encouraging & helpful. One question Dr. Lin answered that has been asked here is, “should MBC patients get the COVID vaccine?” She said yes.

She also noted that after much experience reducing IBrance dosage to help patients with high fatigue &/or consistent low white blood cell counts, they have not seen any reduction in IBrance’s effectiveness at the lower doses.

To all who want to see a recording of this webinar on all the new treatments for MBC patients, here is the website:

If you were unable to listen today or would like to hear the webinar again, you may listen to a recording and access resources online at LBBC.ORG starting January 6.


I also watched this today and as always enjoyed it. I find little tidbits of hope helpful. Unfortunately I got a phone call during the webinar and had to leave early but I'll certainly re-watch it in the new year when it gets posted.....I always re-watch them anyway.

I think getting the Covid vaccine when you are on active treatment is still dependent on where you live and what the government policies are. I'm in an area where at present it is not recommended. Of course I have severe allergic reactions to many things and it is well documented so it would be hard to get someone to give me the vaccine anyway.


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Thanks for sharing what you know too. That was my impression - a lot DEPENDS....I'm sorry you will not be able to take it. I'm still in the process of figuring that out but it seems there's also a bunch of people with autoimmune disease that most likely won't be able to take it either. I listened to a local township talk today and there is still SO much they don't know about the vaccine in terms of lasting effectiveness, ability to still transmit covid to others even if you had the vaccine, etc. Not exactly the magic pill I was holding out hope for (even as I knew not to expect that)!

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girlsptz in reply to 13plus

Yes definitely lots of unknowns. However those of us that have watched the development of vaccines over the years know that it really is unheard of to develop a vaccine in this short timeline. I hope one of the companies has gotten it right but I really think this is going to be a wait and see for many years to come.


Is this available to view since I missed the zoom?

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girlsptz in reply to Adele_Julia

Please see my post below with the link to the presentation.


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Adele_Julia in reply to girlsptz

Thank you ! For some reason I can't find your post with the link to the presentation. Appreciate your help !

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girlsptz in reply to Adele_Julia

No worries. Here is the link.


Thank you kindly ! xo

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