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Pulmonary embolism

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Hi everyone. I had my first ct scan on Saturday after being diagnosed with mbc in September 2018 previous bc in August 2015. I have been on Ibrance and Faslodex for 3 months and just switched over to Letrozole last week do to discomfort in faslodex adminstration. There is a great deal of shrinkage in the involved nodes and some concerns had disappearred all together but a new thing came up. I now have a large pulmonary embolism. I have not heard back from anyone yet. Has anyone experienced this?

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Hi Lemur2015. Glad you are showing improvement in your lesions with your treatment. I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism in April of last year and the investigations that followed lead to my diagnosis of MBC in May. When my pulmonary embolism (PE) became a problem it lead me to see medical help due to waking up one night and being short of breath. Initially my PE was listed as 'unprovoked' as I appeared otherwise healthy, had no risk factors etc that should cause it. Of course I now know it was the cancer load that caused the PE.

Treatment wise I was immediately started on Xarelto and because my cancer is in my bones and cannot be cured I have to remain on anticoagulant therapy for as long as I live.

Good luck to you.


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Thanks for replying. I don't have any symptoms other than short of breath with exercise but I've had that all along. I left a message with the office. They are going to call if there is a problem after reviewing the scan.

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Update: The ct scan was dictated incorrectly. Another radiologist was reviewing the scan and would put an addendum in. I don't actually have a pulmonary embolism. They meant to dictate pleural effusion. Jeez, what a relief...

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I'm so happy for you. What a relief I'm sure. I hate the fact that along with my MBC meds I also have to take the anticoagulant therapy...sucks but no choice unfortunately. Take care.


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I am sorry that you have to take a blood thinner but I was already ready to add it to my growing collection meds. Yep mbc does suck but I take one day at a time. My cancer is in my lymph nodes and pleural fluid but I think the Ibrance is really doing a great job. My CA 27-29 went from 110 initially then 188 at 2 months now down to 104 after 3 months of treatment. Every day that I feel good, able to exercise and productive in the work force is a good day. Best of luck to you!!

so glad because I don't know any physician who would ignore a pulmonary embolism - these are life-threatening and are treated immediately with anticoagulants.

Yes. I had a pulmonary embolism found on my second routine ct scan. Told it was from the cancer. Was on Carleton for 6 months (blood thinner). Not sure what you mean by having not heard back yet but if you have a PE, especially a large one, this is a true emergency, call your oncologist! Let me know how you do !

I didn’t see f/u. Glad it was a mistake!

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