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Severe abdominal pain every 6 to 10 days

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Wondering if anyone has had severe abdominal pain that comes and goes with vomiting it seems to happen every 6 to 10 days sometimes lasts a day but has lasted much as much as 4 days and I’m not able to eat or drink

Have been on ibrance for 29 months and has just been happening the last two months

There going to take my gall bladder out or is it my ibrance

Anyone out there had similar issues

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Hi Cindy,

I am on cycle 6 of Ibrance and Letrozole and for the past three months I have been having stomach pain as well, mostly at night. I don't vomit but I do feel nauseous, planning to ask my oncologist about it at the end of the month.

Hi Cindy,

Yes; in 2010 1 month after my DBM w/recon; I had gallbladder removed; I suffered for almost 2 months before diagnosis. Surgery was simple laparoscopic (preferred outpatient, too. but not always possible)!. It was effective surgery- my ibrance teaching nurse gave me both Ativan prescription and Compazine for nausea/vomiting symptoms-I hope they gave you that? Ultimately an abdominal ct scan will tell you if it gb & GI Surgeom will help you decide if surgery warranted—please do get checked soon as you need nutrition & plenty of fluids to stay healthy!

Beat wishes.



Do you remember what symptoms you had with your gall bladder issues

I seem to have a stomach ache every few days bad ones gurgle rumbling stomach down in bed does any of this sound familiar

I get erratic stomach pains that make me dizzy and sweaty and if I don't lie down with fans to cool me off I feel like I'm going to faint., not sure what its cost

Probably gallbladder. I had my taken out on Mother’s Day. No issues since then.

What were your gallbladder issue symptoms

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