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Do you visit a cardiologist every month

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Hi girls, hope you are all well. Iam on Letrozole 2.5mg and Ibrance125mg for the last 3 months. Do you girls go to a cardiologist every month for a check up because you are on chemo ? On Thursday iam having a lletz done and i had to do all the test so i get prepared for surgery, so they ask me if i have been seen a cardiologist every month and i said no and the doctors were suprised, Thanks for your time

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No never knew you should. But i have recently due to not 1 but 2 heart attacks. I was on letrozale 2.5 mg and 100mg Ibrance for 2 years. Still taking letrozale but not Ibrance because all of the knowledge that I've researched points to Ibrance causing the heart disease.

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Ooo no i hope your well now

I really don't think this is necessary at all unless you have pre-existing heart problems and/or develop any that require assessment. The surgical thought of things is always different and perhaps some will disagree with me but without a worrisome symptom or perhaps something shows up in your regular bloodwork I would take this apparent suggestion from the surgeon with a grain of salt.


I am on exactly the same combo and to date I have never had heart problems . I also had surgery (breast reduction) last week... I had a pre - op assessment too and a discussion with the anaesthetist , and no one ever mentioned seeing a cardiologist once a month x

Thanks for your reply

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Thankyou for your reply

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Hi there

My reply is the same as most others

Never seen a cardiologist and only occasionally does anyone take my blood would be high anyway as I have white coat syndrome!!.. I monitor it myself at home

I’m taking the same combo as you

Barb xx

Thanks Barb

I am on the same meds as you. Its been 3 months also and no have not see a cardiolist ..but i will bring it to my onoligist attention when i see him on Dec 18th.. Thank you ..Whats a. Lletz.. Got my Ct scan 3 month repot today ..just verbal for now .. My nurse told me that my lung cancer is stable. But not much change in my bones .. I will ask more at my next appointment..

Keep strong, we all are fighter's

We are Women.. Strong .Stubborn and will power to kick ass ..64 yesterday ..looking forward to another Birthday.. Bless us all short and tall. Stong and weak.. We will keep on putting tru the Journey.

Hello. My oncologist doesn't have me go to a heart doctor but I think I should. I use t when I was on IV chemo. Now I am on Ibrance and letrozole. Getting ready to start my 29th cycle.

Wow i just finished my 3rd cycle, i don't know for how long i will continue

Forever ! ?

I'm on ibrance 125 and fastlodex and had a heart scan before I started. Everything was fine and haven't had any other tests since.

No ma’am. I haven’t seen one in years and I’ve been on Ibrance for over a year.


I've been on the same medication regime since March 2015. I have never seen a cardiologist and have had no cardiac issues.

Good luck to you. Blessings.

So that everyone knows. I never had heart issue before. I replied to this so everyone will be aware.

No. I do have a cardiologist and have for a few years as I have had elevated blood pressure since years before cancer, at least a decade. I did not tolerate Ibrance well and developed a lung condition, Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) that both my onc and pulmonologist believe was caused by the Ibrance. I've been off Ibrance for over 2 years and still have stable ILD. This past January, when starting pulmonary rehab, my heart was racing when being evaluated and I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, which can be caused by ILD. So side effects have escalated.

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