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Lobular Mets to GI tract?


Hi I’m getting so anxious and was wondering if anyone else has had really bad Gerd and vomiting which turned out to be Mets to the GI tract. My oncologist is worried the cancer spread to the small bowel and stomach. I’ve been having really bad Gerd for a week which then makes me feel like something is stuck in my throat and I get sick. I’m having an endoscopy on Wednesday. Thank you. Debbie

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I did have gerd before I was diagnosed with MBC. Once the diagnosis was made, it was realized that I had fluid in my left lung. Once the fluid was drained, the gerd and continual cough went away. Now it's monitored with my every 3 month CT scan.

Thank you.

I hope the endoscopy will give you and your doctors direction! And that you don't have to wait long for results. One of the real challenges of living with mbc is that we filter every bodily change thru the cancer lens, of course! I've not had any digestive scares but have sure gone of my share of wild goose chases since dealing with this lousy cancer! It's good that you are getting that endoscopy and that your onc is serious about figuring out what's going on. Having an onc that listens to you well and helps you figure things out is sure an asset! Please let us know what you learn...and I hope there will be good news for you and that this isn't cancer related.

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Thank you!

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