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New MBC med


Hi Everyone,

New med approved by FDA. The only thing that is curious is that it has average of 27.5 months for those NOT previously treated with endocrine therapy. So, guess my question is - does Tamoxifen count? Does Ibrance/letrozole count? I’m sure they would still prescribe as option but wonder on the length of time for successful treatment then.

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Thank you for the article! I was a little confused when reading it as it appeared that it had already been approved! What the new news is, is that it us now approved for pre-peri menapausal women. There's probably some paper published that will give you some initial data on those who have had hormonal therapy already.

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You’re right. I didn’t catch that it had been expanded. The other good news is that it only took a month to push it through FDA.


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That is good news!

What’s the name of drug? I’ll ask my NHI/NCI contact about it

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Oh just saw that it’s not for us

What is the name of the new one?

Kisqali is the name.

Thank you have not heard of that one. similar to Ibrance and when you google- you’ll see both. Has a 28 month average. And there are currently some trials going on to complement it w a couple other meds.

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