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Progression of my MBC


I got the results of my scans and there is progression on new sites of my bones like spine my oncologist said is diffuse and tiny

Verzenio did not work for me

My oncologist said that there is a new medication just approved by FDA called Alpelisib, He will prescribed but we do not know if the insurance will 𝑨𝒑𝒑𝒓𝒐𝒗𝒆𝒅 it

I was reading that side effects are rash and hyperglycemia and other side effects

Does any of you are taking this medication

Thanks God bless you

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Just had the same conversation with my ONC this pm. They are checking if I am eligible ( I have posted a blog on it earlier) because you need to have a certain type of cancer cells for it to work...

Francesca10 in reply to Marieleb


Did you have a biopsy again? How do they determine that?

My treatment is suspended for now so I know the feeling. In a way I am glad because ibrance/faslodex and xygeva have been rough. I need another pet scan. That will determine the next step. I am seeing an allergist tomorrow for the rashes all over my torso. Idk what else I am feeling other than last two weeks have been miserable and spiraled me down mentally and emotionally, starting with the rashes.

I hope they find your next step soon and you can be strengthened going forward. Hugs and prayers♥️♥️



PLASEM in reply to Francesca10

Did you have a CT, it is really bothersome not to know the pathology of my cancer because every time I have a biopsy comes back negative because my cancer in my bones are in many places but really tiny thanks

I hope you can find the right treatment with not many side effects

PLASEM in reply to Marieleb

I know but every time I have a biopsy comes back negative because My cancer in my bones are really tiny millimeters and there was one 7mm but was not accessible

Marieleb in reply to PLASEM

They said they could use the results from the e biopsy I had last summer... I am assuming it is in the cancer ID card they make at diagnosis... To be fair they only had my PET results the day before and they had not anticipated such aggressive progression... They apologized for leaving in the lurch for a few days...I am managing my expectations and assuming I won't be eligible and have to go down the Afinitor / Exemastane route...The new Mets is now 3x 2 cm ( from 1 cm 8 weeks ago ) but they are not talking of doing biopsy...I think it is because they know it is secondary cancer and they have biopsies results of breast rumours still on file ( well they have to get them from a neighbouring hospital)

girlsptz in reply to PLASEM

Sorry but can they possibly re test your actual breast tumor to see if it has changed? If your bone lesions are tiny and diffuse getting a successful sample of them is difficult. This must be so frustrating for you.


PLASEM in reply to girlsptz

Yes and breast tumor was stage 2 in 2014, I requested to have another biopsy but I am afraid about can they disseminate the cancer and make it worse but at the same time I wish to know the pathology of my cancer thanks

Have read that Alpeisib has gotten good results!

PLASEM in reply to mariootsi

Yes but is only for people who had mutations of their cancer and They request an exam to prove that

May our Lord God find the right combination of medicines to deliver you from this disease. , and make it easily accessible to you. May Lord/God give this disease it's" your fired pink slip". Amen XoXoXoXo

Thank very much

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