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Metastatic Breast Cancer Phone/Video Discussion Group

Hi Everyone,

Please, join Julie Larson, LCSW and other women with metastatic disease for a video/ phone discussion group covering "scanxiety". As they discuss the realities of living scan to scan.

Thursday, June 28th at 1:00pm EST.

Register at:

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I would love to be a part of this, but will be on the road to our new home. Do you know if it's possible to see it later???


Sorry unfortunately because it is a form of a support group we do not record the sessions


will there be an archived video we can watch if we missed this? thanks!!

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I've had hay fever type allergies my whole life and have taken so much benadryl parents should have bought stock in the company that makes it. My onc has never told me not to take it with any of my other meds. I've tried most antihistamines at one time or another. Seldane worked the best for my hay fever but it was taken off the market by the FDA. I think Allegra is most similar to it among the OTC meds currently available. I keep benadryl on hand, and now an epipen too. The really humid weather we have had so much this summer has been really hard on me, too. Oh, about itching on a lower dose when you didn't on the higher dose, sometimes allergies are cumulative and only become symptomatic after you have been exposed to the thing you are allergic to for awhile so I suspect it is possible to have allergy symptoms after a lowered dosage due to that but do ask your onc or pcp.


Hi Julie! Are the video support groups still going on?


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