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Hello All,

I am a new member on this site and I wanted to share with you guys my story. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer 6 years a go at the age of 31and it came back just last last year, May 2017 diagnosed with MBC. It has spread on my bones particularly my spine and hips that resulted me to undergo surgery. I am currently taking Ibrance and Letrozole. My oncologist warn me of the possible side effects of ibrance but thanks God I feel great. I’m also doing juicing everyday day and drinking wheatgrass as it gives me energy throughout the day. My latest scan shows no new lesion form not no new nodules. Let’s all hope for the best and have faith in God!

Thanks ,

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Good luck on new meds hope all your scans come good.

Awesome results! I’m 47, diagnosed w stage 2 at 44 and at 46 (January 2018) got the stage 4 dx. Same w bones - spine and hip. They did find BC cells on my Pap smear in January (which wasn’t due for 16 more months). And I have a small pimple size met on my scalp.

I juice too! And I suggest looking at the radical remission project or taking a read of Spontaneous Healing by Dr Andrew Weil. I believe in a complementary and integrative approach.

I take folsadex, letrozole, xgeva and Ibrance. So far, tolerable. I try walking 10-30 min per day 5 days pee week.


God bless you on this journey we all share! Hope your good news continues for years to come!! XO Linda

Welcome! I was stage 2 however way back in 2001. I noticed dimpling of my rt. Breast in December of 2000. I had a Lumpectomy in March and followed with radiation. I went on with life until last summer, that’s when I was diagnosed with mbc. I consider myself lucky having so many years before it came back. Also in spine and rt lung. I couldn’t take Ibrance as my Neutrophils went crazy and would not rebound. Blood work good now but have not started Verzenio yet just got approved. I do get Faslodex, and few side effects. I wish you good luck with your continued scans. You will gain so much information on this site, these ladies are fantastic and strong 💪. I Love reading everything discussed.

If you're interested, SHARE ( has a Telephone Support Group for Young Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

It is suggested for women under 45. Talk with other young women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer about the particular challenges of coping with such issues as anxiety, treatment options, and personal relationships.

Call SHARE to register and receive instructions on how to participate: (212) 382-2111.

This group is sponsored in part by the Beth C. Tortolani Foundation.

Wednesdays from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET

June 6th

July 11th

August 1st

More dates to be announced soon.

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