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Afinitor side effects

I was on Afinitor and Exemastane for 4 weeks in first few weeks felt fine just the usual fatigue. After the 4th week came down with cough low back pain chills low grade fever shortness of breath then ended up what we believe was kidney stone. I was told to stop Afinitor immediately and sent to ER to check for blood clots and ended up in Er for 2 days no clots. Dr trying to figure out if I had virus or it’s from Afinitor also found marks on lungs not sure if from that either. So anyway the plan is to stay off of Afinitor until next week and as long as breathing and everything clears up start it again every other day and same dose and see if it was virous or reaction to Afinitor. Has anyone had similar experience with Afinitor? A little nervous to start it again.

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No experience like yours, Barb, but praying for good results for you! XO Linda

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Thank you Linda


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