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cll and stage 4 breast cancer


My sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her liver. They are just planning a course of action. She also has cll She never missed a mammogram. She had been on watch and wait for cll. How can she be seeing an oncologist every 3 months and have a raging cancer. I’m in shock. Praying for everyone going though this 🙏

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So sorry to hear about your sister. Staying positive is very important. Keeping her in my prayers. She is blessed to have you in her life.😊praying Every thing goes well.

HopeinNJ in reply to Abby2312

Thank you for your prayers. I was also shocked as my stage one was “cured.”

Your sister is blessed that you are so caring and such an advocate. Believe that we MSBC Thrivers have many years, even decades ahead of us with the new medications. Statistics you will read are without these meds. Stay positive and encourage her to do the same. Prayers for all❤️

I was diagnosed with stage 4 BC in Sept 2017. It spread to the bone in my spine, not a spot but the whole spine. I have been on Ibrance & monthly shots of Xgeva & Faslodex since Sept. My last scan showed that it was being "controlled" no spreading. This seems to be a miracle med. Prayers for your sister. BTW, I finished chemo in Aug 2014 after my mastectomy. I was seeing my oncologist every 6 mos. after that. I WAS in shock! But I'm doing OK & so will your sister. Hugs & prayers

Thank you so much. They started her on chemo immediately. Did a brain and pet scan the next day. No cancer found elsewhere. He said they have one shot at this and if doesn’t work to get affairs in order. She is really weak from chemo. She is a fighter. I love the support here. Hard to say this to anyone. Praying for everyone. I still don’t understand how she can be seeing an oncologist ever 3 months and have stage 4 metatastic breast cancer that spread to her liver.

I have stage 4 in my lungs and liver. I was diagnosed in October. My liver is improving, but not the lungs so I went from Ibrance and Faslodex to chemo. And in the meantime had a setback and had pneumonia. I am finally getting back to where I was before I got pneumonia,

Prayers for you and you and your sister. This disease is just as hard on family members as it is the person going through it. Good wishes for both of you.

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Interested to see your reply to CindyBisch. I have had liver mets since February 2014 when my "remission" post mastectomy suddenly changed on Tamoxifen. Was on Latrozole for almost 3 years then went through Xeloda and Navilbene and the liver met has continued to grow slowly and the markers creep up. Am now on Faslodex, my 3rd month, but the numbers still creep up. Unfortunately here in South Africa Ibrance is still being considered but any of these more expensive drugs are only covered by the very elite medical schemes which pensioners can't afford to go on anyway so cannot use them. I am very afraid as I gather the next move would be chemo and I can't reconcile all the side effects one hears about with actually being able to live a bit of a life - as opposed to merely exist. I must admit I feel pretty bitter right now but imagine that is usual for most of us.

Hope you are recovering well from your pneumonia and that the chemo doesn't prove too wearing. Would love to hear something positive about it for once!

Goods luck

Pattie1951 in reply to Hidden

So sorry to hear that things are bleak for you right now. So far I have had 3 chemo treatments with abraxane. I had mild nausea on the second treatment, but so far no real side effects other than fatigue, which I get anyway. As we go on this journey we have many scary moments. I hope you can find something that works for you. I pray for peace and healing for you.

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Thank you for that. I am so afraid of the chemo treatments but when I read your story I realise that not all chemo will necessarily put an end to my living my life! I can only hope that either the Faslodex kicks in or the nest step is not to debilitating. the encouragement and support from members of this group is priceless.

Pattie1951 in reply to Hidden

I hope whatever treatment you need will not interfere with you living your life. Prayers and good thoughts for you.

Praying for you also. I I’m anxious to see if chemo is working. I’m learning so much in this group. Btw my sis is 75. I think this is one he says there is only one shot. He say it would be too hard on her to try another. God bless.

Hello, Cindy. First of all, prayers for your sister and that she is receiving appropriate treatment. You don't mention her protocol, but I would find it incomprehensible if she is not receiving a blood draw monthly to follow her course of treatment and any changes that might be recommended. God bless you for reaching out! XO

She was getting a blood draw for cll every 3 months for cll. It was diagnosed because her liver enzymes were elavated. The rest is history. She had a mammogram a month before they started treatment. They called her yesterday to repeat it. We told them she was already in treatment for stage 4. Makes me wonder. God bless 🙏

WOW! Sometimes you wonder who's on first?? I just switched to new treatment center myself. Found it troublesome that NO ONE AT PREVIOUS CENTER was aware that I was overdue for an Xgeva injection. Another reminder about how important it is to be YOUR OWN BEST ADVOCATE!! God bless you and your sis, too, Cindy!! XO


Hi Cindy, sorry to hear about your sister. I also have stage 4 MBC spread to back hips arm bones. I see my doctor every month for blood, xgeva, and faslodex injections. Pet scan Avery 4. Months.

CindyBisch in reply to Hidden

God bless! Sounds very positive. When were you diagnosed?

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I also had a negative mammo in sept of 2015. Fell and hurt my shoulder in July of 2016, 8 mo later mind you. The X-ray of arm showed stage 4 MBC. No one found it before that. I had rotator cuff surgery may of 2015. I must have had it a few years and no one found it until to late.I had regular mammograms every year.

I get it. After 11 years it reared its ugly head! Why? Who knows but am getting treated and have faith in God and trust in my doctor!!

Cayden123 in reply to Kimr2081

Same here. ..2006 1st time. Jan 2017 reared its head once again

Kimr2081 in reply to Cayden123

I guess we just have to kick its ass one more time!! :)

Praying for both of you. This disease is not for the week. God bless 🙏

Hi Cindy,

What is cll?

Stay strong and you have found a great group here full of positivity and good advice and answers. Prayers to you and your sister

Sorry about your sister Cindy. It is a challenging diagnosis. Attitude, exercise, and very healthy eating are very important. Also so is MEDITATION. Tell her to buy the CALM app. It is beneficial.

Needless to say your love and support are Vitale too. God bless.

It’s been 2 years since I was here. I hope each of you are well. My sister passed 2 weeks after her diagnosis. Thank you for the time each of you gave me. I needed you all so much that day. Prayers

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