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Nanoparticles improve fight against breast cancer in bone


Scientists have developed a nanoparticle that can deliver chemotherapy to tumor cells that have spread to bone.

Spreading breast cancer often infiltrates bone, causing fractures and intense pain. In such cases, chemotherapy is ineffective because the environment of the bone protects the tumor, even as the drug has toxic side effects elsewhere in the body.

In mice implanted with human breast cancer and exposed to circulating cancer cells likely to take up residence in bone, the researchers used the treatment to kill tumor cells and reduce bone destruction while sparing healthy cells from side effects.

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Greetings: dar10 Thank-you for this promising information on nano-particle treatment that targets only the bone metastasized cancer, and will spare destruction of all other healthy bodily tissue. More lives are being saved as we speak/communicate. Amen. I thank God for this site. I am learning so much. God bless Share/HeaithUnlocked for doing the necessary work to empower, and encourage us warriors to stand strong together. United we stand and divided we fall. In the 1960's we would say keep on keeping on (smile).

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This news sounds amazing. Do u have a site to read about this? Would like to discuss with my oncology doctor.


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