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I was diagnosed with bone mets, and took and early retirement (I"m 59). I moved to Sarasota, to be near my sister, and currently rent a condo. I have enough money saved for a down payment on a condo. What would you do? Spend it, just renting, and travel or try and find a place to live? Save it for my medical bills?

Of course, I can't do it all. Since none of know how much time we have, it's been a tough decision to make. :(

Thank you for your input.

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  • I was forced into retirement at 54 after my FMLA ran out. I have chosen to travel with anyone who wants to go to all of the places on my bucket list. Although having Metastatic Breast Cancer (liver and cheekbone,yes that is odd) is a difficult pill to swallow, I choose to make the best of whatever time I have. And being positive and happy has carried me best along the way. Do what makes you happy.

    Financial assistance may be available for the medical bills. Ask at the cancer center, the pharmacy and look for foundations online.

    Be happy!

  • Hi Bangorbea,

    Liver and cheekbones (I've never heard of cheekbones mets), is a tough pill to swallow. :( Thank you for the advice. I have scans on Wednesday, so I'm praying for good results and that I can have more time to decide what to do. I'm keeping the faith and have a positive attitude. Travel is really what I believe I want to do the most. Big hugs!

  • What is important to you? How much is rent Vs owning? How much would the association be every month? Will you have enough money to make repairs? How much more will you pay in mortgage a month than you are paying now?

  • Those are all good questions and I will def look at that.

  • Hi Suze. Like the others who have replied, I say do what makes you happy. I was diagnosed in October with bone mets in my spine, ribs, skull and long bone femurs. But I have felt great since the break in my pelvis healed from a fracture caused by the lesions, and for the most part, choose not to let it dictate anything I do. I just started a new job a few weeks ago, I'm actually building a house and am getting married in October. I would be lying if I said I never think about it, or that I'm never frightened, even terrified by it, but I refuse to give up or give in to it. Stay strong, be your biggest advocate, and live the best life possible. My prayers are with you and all of our mets partners.

  • Wow, that's awesome! Very inspiring! Best wishes on your new ventures and thank you for the great advice. :)

  • Sister/Warrior/Suzesunshine I pray that God will direct you to find a Financial Adviser. I thought I had done everything right, when I had a full check-up, and mammogram for a visible lump on one of my breast. After all of the test were done, including a mammogram I was told everything was great and the lump was benign.I was running 5-8 miles, 3 times a week, and exercising, eating healthy, and taking supplements. Anybody looking at me, would have thought I was the picture of health. I retired early and invested in an IRA. I left money in my pension for what I thought, at the time was going to be a long earthly life.Throughout my life I saved, and invested well , even during my teenage years. Well one year later I had another lump,which testing showed It was stage ll cancer, as was the previous lump in my breast that I was told was benign, almost a year prior. I was misdiagnosed by doctor #1 who I realized , was getting paid for each X-ray that passed his hands..My oncologist a different Dr. #2 with almost 40 years experience, with cancer patients told me I had around a year to live, and only if I would go through the aggressive chemotherapy he was going to give me. Dr#3 My angel surgeon was a God send. He was a Christian,and he said to me" do you believe you will live?", I hesitated doubting my physical mortality,but thinking here or hopefully in heaven. I thought we all have to go the way of physical death. As a Christian believer, myself I then understood what he was saying. When two or more are gathered, there is power in prayer, and God is in the midst. God hears your petition. Well as evidence of me communicating with you in the here and now I am still living loving and enjoying life abundantly, with Noooooooooooooooo Evidence of Cancer in my body ,almost 9 years, as per Dr/God. May God bless you and provide restoration/healing ,and peace to you ,and your loved ones. Stay strong warriors! ! ! For my believers/soldiers,put on the full body armor of God. There is a time for everything, so keep your boxing gloves on and your prayer hands up. Fight, rest up, and fight some more, but never give up or give in. God speed Amen ! ! !

  • Thank you for your beautiful words. Praise God that you are doing well. I'm keeping the faith, and appreciate your encouragement. :)

  • Hi, I'm sorry that you are in a position to have to make decisions like this! I agree with the suggestions that you do what makes you happy! Is it "nesting" and making the most of your home, or seeing places you've not been? Or something else you haven't thought of yet? With bone mets only you may very well have years and years left! If you decide to travel, I can tell you that one of the best trips I ever took was an Alaska cruise! When the ship was on Glacier Bay, with the engines turned way down to be as quiet as possible, it was as though we were present in the moments immediately after creation--so quiet, peaceful and the ship the only sign of humankind! We could hear the glaciers crackling. And one of the great things about cruises is that there is always the option of a nap! and good food! I also really enjoyed riding the trains in Europe! Britrail and Eurrail both are a great way to see the countryside and mingle with local people. The rails there have their joints welded so the ride is much smoother than trains in the US! Can you tell that I love to travel? lol That would probably be my choice. I think it is great that you are able to live close to your sister! I wish you both well!

  • first find a way to have a home, which helps pay for itself. like a two family, or rental when you travel. is travel realistic, start slow. see how much you can do. it is very hard for us to make a long term plan, so sometimes call in a group. " ok, here are the goals and the bag of money, how to make it work?"

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