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Has anyone taken Methylphendate or Trazadone?


After complaining about suffering from chemo related fatigue as well as insomnia, my doctor prescribed the drug Methylphendate for fatigue, and Trazodone for insomnia. Has anyone taken these drugs? I'm always reluctant to take new drugs, especially those that no one I know is taking, so am interested to hear if others have had experience with them.

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Hi Kayrad, I took Trazadone off chemo for many years for mild restless leg syndrome and insomnia. I finally went off it because I always got sick to my stomach so I would eat before bed and then I would gain weight. But I know other people who take it and it works for them with no side effects. I don't know anything about the other drug.

Best wishes!


kayrad in reply to MaryJ-S

Thank you for your response, Mary.

Hi Kayrad. I have taken Trazadone before and it will help you sleep. I never had any side effects and would recommend it.

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