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Ibrance intestine issues, anyone got that too?

I just finished my second cycle of ibrance 125mg. My major side effects is intestinal issues. I get severe pains or aches or cramps, I actually do not know what to call it. I get fatigue but the pain in my stomach supersedes every other side effects. I also have insomnia, upper and lower back pain.

Anyone seen such side effects?

I'm thinking of telling my doctor to lower my dose. I'm afraid it could be causing more harm than good in my internal organs.

Recently I take maximum strength liquid antacid, it helps sometimes but makes me have diarrhea all day long which is actually better than the pain.

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A Ibrance side effect is diarrhea. I usually have to take a few immodiums during my cycle. I sometimes have that pain also but when it go to the bathroom it feels a lot better. I'


Sorry I hit the enter key by accident. When i started Ibrance my prescription co. Made me speak with a specialty Oncology nurse who strictly talks to Ibrance users. I take Nexium for acid reduction. She told me that acid reducers interfere with Ibrance. I have to take the Nexium at least 5 hours earlier than Ibrance, also to take Ibrance with a good meal. This probably isn't an answer but just wanted to share.


Thanks, i wish i can talk to the nurse too. I also take nexium 24hrs. I was taking prilosec. But I usually take them before breakfast and take ibrance with my dinner around 7pm. Yes ibrance causes diarrhea which helps me feel better from the gas, but not enough. I take mylanta like water cos the stomach is killing me.


Hi Swtberry,

I just completed my first week of Ibrance and am wondering if the gas I am having is related to the Ibrance? Is that what is causing you pain? I am so use to having diarrhea when I was on Afinitor I am wondering if the change is meds is causing my constipation and gas? I also didn't see anything in the materials that were given to me that Prilosec would interfer but I take mine in the morning and Ibrance at night with yogurt or some other small item. No nausea so far...



Hi Mary,

Yes gas the doctor said is the ibrance, even during the 7 days off, the pain gets worse. She said it's the accumulation of ibrance. I have kind of loose stool with ibrance, though not bad.

The pain is so bad for me. Thinking I might step down on the dose.

Started my 3rd cycle today.

Good luck with your treatment


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