Fatigue and exercise

I have access to the wellness gym thru my hospital. There are exercise physislogists who understand exercise and disease and they create an individual program for each person. I went to get stronger and maybe lose a few pounds. After six weeks i am not napping in the afternoon. (you ladies know what i mean by napping, that fade to black moment when you need to be in a safe spot). The trainers at the gym say this effect on fatigue is the usual case. they have seen it before. So i wanted to share it with you all.

My cardio routine is not strenous. 5 minutes on rower, 5 minutes on arm bike, five minutes on elipticle, 10 minutes on bike, 10 minutes on treadmill. i do more or less depending on my schedule. then i do a set of 30 on three different arm exercises and a sets of 30 on three different leg exercises. i try to go every day but life gets in the way. i manage 4 times a week. they tell me i will build muscle which will burn more fat. for leg exercises , it is as simple of sit to stand. using my own body weight. and also simple knee up from standing on a six inch block.

this is making a huge difference in my fatigue. i am in my 24 month of active treatment. the fatigue was killer.

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  • This program sounds excellent. You are lucky to have this resource. Exercise is important. I use tapes from Miranda. I've been doing a 35-minute routine almost every day since Feb. I can feel that my body has strengthened. I walk a lot and it's hilly where I live, and I can feel that my legs have become much less tired since starting this routine. As you mentioned, using your body's own weight to gain strength.

  • Exercise is definitely important...I can tell if I don't get in my 8-10k steps in I'm more tired at the end of the day. I also have to eat a very vegan diet..

  • Greetings: Warrior/Meadesmith . I would send you a congratulatory emoji ,but I don't know how to yet do this on this site.We are not just fighting to be cancer free, we are fighting for abundant life more joy filled.When I don't feel like doing something I know I should do, I say come on women/warrior kick your behind into it, there are children in Saint Jude's Hospital enduring difficult treatment fighting for their lives. I pray for every child facing this horrible disease.I then don't need anymore motivation to accomplish the goal at hand. When I accomplish the task small or large I am always so happy. Keep on keeping on. Gods continued blessings Amen!

  • Yes, there are always people suffering more. Each of us needs to do as much as we can to care of ourselves. Congratulations on all your completed tasks, large and small.

  • It's wonderful that you're able to get motivated. Sometimes it's difficult to get moving if fatigue is a drug's side effect. But studies show that exercise seems to be a fatigue-buster. What is your diagnosis and how long have you had MBC. Which drug(s) are you on? I'm on Herceptin, and fatigue is not an issue for me, but some of us do get fatigue with that drug.

  • Letrozole ibrance and xgeva. Currently half way through 20radiation treatment for the last of the primary tumor. Possibly NED by end of June. I am 22 months in treatment.

  • Yes, Ibrance can cause fatigue. Glad that you're able to treat your primary tumor. Sending you good vibes for NED.

  • Yes, exercise has helped me tremendously with fatigue. It has been a long process over 2 years of working up my endurance and strength. I currently exercise 5 days a week.

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