How did I get my breast cancer?

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I was diagnosed with stage IV triple positive breast cancer in October 2016. Since that time I have tried to find out as much information as possible. There is only one person in my family that had breast cancer and she was a distant relative (great-grandmother's sister). I found a few articles which links root canals/dental infections with the Her2+ type of BC. I had 3 root canals and have always had issues with my teeth. I'm also wondering if all of the plastics we use in everything and contain estrogen hormones (especially when heated) are the culprit for much of the breast cancers we see today. What do you think ladies? Aside from bad luck, which we all share, how do you believe you contracted breast cancer? Don't worry about the science, just give your hunches/gut reactions. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.

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  • Oral contraceptive contain carcinogens that have been categorized as the highest level, according to the World Health Organization. An oncologist from China told me that my hunch is correct and that politics has a lot to do with why this isn't widely known in our country. You know, population control, women's rights, etc.

  • I have a strong family history of breast cancer. Upon diagnosis, found out I am brca + which gave me about an 85% chance of getting it..which I did. I now have metastatic stage IV, keep fighting!

  • I too was diagnosed with stage IV triple positive breast cancer in October of 2016. I have no breast cancer in my family so it is a mystery to me. But I too have had a lot of dental work done. I have also been told that having radiation following the first cancer in 2007 made me more susceptible to recurrence.

  • Sign me up for oral contraceptives- no family history- started off in 2015 with stage 3- now stage 4. Recent CT no liver or lungs!!!! Just in the bones- on xeloda and exgeva- 1 year stage 4....fuck cancer...!

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