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What do the colors on our profile mean? If they are just random colors, can you please make mine purple?

Can you clarify and/or expand the drop down menus in the profile section? The only symptom (something that currently bothers me) is peripheral neuropathy, but that wasn't in the drop down. In the following section, the only thing that matched at all was "breast cancer ", which I chose, but it seems redundant as this is a breast cancer community. I was looking to select my mets locations (bones, liver, brain) so that I could be matched with/noticed by others in the same boat.

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  • Hi Cherylthepurplelady! I'm not a site administrator, but I am an administrator of this community. Do I have permission to pass your username on to the HealthUnlocked admin so they can address your question?

  • Yes

  • Okay! I just looked into it. There are options for different mets locations under "My Conditions," but they are a bit hard to find. Mets to bone/ brain are under "Bone Metastasis" and "Brain metastasis," but mets to lung is under "Metastasis to lung." I guess it takes a bit of trying different search terms. I will let an admin at HealthUnlocked know you had trouble. Hope this helped a bit.

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