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Waving from Suffolk, England

Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself, I'm new here.

June is the anniversary of my lumpectomy, so I've had a year to process what's happened so far and I'm feeling ready to reach out into the community.

My breast cancer was picked up on a routine mammogram, there was no lump. The lumpectomy didn't have clear margins so I have had a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction and I am taking Tamoxifen.

I am happily married, with two brilliant teenagers. We live in a gorgeous bit of the UK where I love to get out into the garden or out walking in nature. I'm an avid reader and also enjoy experimenting with new food.

I'm an EFT practitioner, but I've taken time off work to really heal my mind, body and spirit. After putting on a lot of weight for surgery and then post surgery, I've managed to lose more than I gained.

Cancer was a shock, but it hasn't wiped the smile off my face. I'm here to learn more steps as I dance into the future with a cancer diagnosis. I'm happily reaching out a hand for anyone just starting out who has questions that I can answer.

Cheers, Lesley

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Hi Lesley! Welcome to the group. I googled EFT and realized that I've used this technique before with a therapist I'd seen in the past. I'd forgotten the acronym :) Very cool! Glad you found us.


Thank you for the welcome.

That's excellent that you know what I do, I thought if I put Tapping people might think I was a dancer ;-)

I hadn't realised where the group was based when I signed up, but technology makes us closer, so I'm glad to be here.


Welcome to the group. U sound very positive and energetic! Keep it up and best wishes for good health!

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Thank you. I find looking on the bright side has really helped me. There are times when the skies cloud over for me, like everyone, but I look for silver linings. I have so many things to be grateful for and so many things to make me smile. Like people sending best wishes for my good health, thank you, I'm sending my wishes back to you too.


Thank u. I was in England many years ago and really like it. Have some relatives in finchley. Keep smiling!!!!


Don’t know if you are following the World Cup, but I hope England’s performance today made you smile! 😊


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