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Flap surgery

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Hi there

I had a chemo, mastectomy, radiation and now reconstruction on Tuesday. I decided to get the flap surgery instead of implant. Since I had radiation and skin isn’t same plus you will have to get another surgery in 5 years. Has anyone ever had the flap surgery where they use belly fat instead of implant? Recovery is really long. That is down side.

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I had it done in late June. 3 nights in the hospital and 4 weeks off from work. I’m glad I did it though I hate the term “flap”. So unattractive. I prefer tissue transfer. In any case, I still feel numb and the skin feels tight but it’s not bad. I think the breast looks good. Very symmetrical. I would recommend it.

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Thank you! How long before driving

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sorry but I don't know. I live in the city. Probably 4 weeks.

Thank you.


I had it done in 2004, 6 months after finishing all treatments. No regrets except for not having the same abdominal strength anymore.

Perk was that I got to choose my size as my other breast was reduced to match my new one!

Recovery was long but 4 months later a participated and completed in the 60kms Weekend to End Breast Cancer! I had to start training/walking long distances way before the event date but it was definitely doable, wore an abdominal binder for a period of time while training.

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Thank you for all your info. How long did you ha wvto wait to train? I like to run and workout.

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I waited the recommended time which was 8 weeks for me. After that it went well.

I did in July, 4 days and nights in hospital and recovery was a long due to my incision broke open but it was well worth it. Tummy is numb in some areas yet, not as much abdominal strength but will work on that. Good luck.

That's what my sister had in 2013. The dr that did hers did a terrible job. Her breast looks like a patchwork quilt and its larger than the other side. The scar is from hip bone to hip bone with a little pucker flap on one side. Ever since this procedure she has been incontinent. Terrible, Terrible job.....Glad you guys had better luck...

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Is the incontinence from the Diego flap?

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Yes, that's when it all started...

My friend had a flap surgery. She developed a clot on post op day and had to go back in. All total about 12 hours of surgery on that day. It was her choice to do the flap. She says it is tight, years later, and she cannot take a deep breath. However, she is still satisfied with her decision. Based on her experiences, I went with implants. There were problems with the implants. It will be personal preference. I am still glad I chose implants instead of flap reconstruction. She is glad she chose flap. Good luck. I wish you well and a quick road to recovery.

Hi Sharon, I had a DIEP flap procedure 5 years ago and have never regretted it. My recovery was not bad at all - 4 nights in the hospital and 6 weeks off work. My plastic surgeon said I could start taking walks after 10 days and I walked 4 miles that first day out - really felt good. Got back to the gym after 6 weeks. Just had to take it easy for several months when doing crunches and sit-ups because of my stomach scar. I had a minor reduction done on the other side as a follow-up surgery, then nipple reconstruction. I think I was driving within 10 days or sooner. Loved my results and happy that I did not get an implant.

Good luck to you and let us know how you are doing.


Thank you for all the info everyone. Tomorrow is the big day!

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