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Good to be here

I was diagnosed seven years ago with MBC with metastasis to the lymph nodes and spine. I've had several changes of treatment and for 2 1/2 years was on faslodex and GDC0032 clinical trial. I'm her2neg er pos. I'll be 63 in April. After CT scan in February indicated new tumors in spine, I started new drug combo - tamoxifen and abemocyclib. The second is a chemo drug and I've never had chemo. I'm wondering if anyone else is on this drug and what are your experiences? Thanks.

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I was diagnosed with MBC in the left hip area on12/2015 and have been on Xgeva, Faslodex & Ibrance since then. Plus I'm doing many other naturopathic things to improve my chances of keeping the cancer from spreading. Have you been on Ibrance? I'm 60 and ER+ Her2 neg.

Wish you well on this new med and would like to hear about your progress.


Thanks much! I was on Faslodex and a Genentech clinical trial drug for 28 months until last month when my scans showed new tumor growth in L5 and pelvis. Faslodex was great for me, although the shots took getting used to. If you need tips on the shots, let me know, I got quite good at having little pain or discomfort thanks to my nurse practitioner.

I have not been on Ibrance but I know many people who are. I'm 62 and also ER+ Her2 neg. I also just started vitamins and supplements which are really helping me a lot, a program developed by my nutritionist for me. I also stopped eating red meat, gluten, dairy, and sugar, at the advice of my nutritionist.

Keep me posted on your progress as well! Great to be in touch.


Dear Harriet, I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and waiting for the results of scans biopsies to see where else it could be.. ? as you well know its scary waiting but Im on a strict diet now and feeling as well as I could expect, but trying to prepare for the first treatment which must be soon . Like you no dairy gluten sugar red meat , and I regret eating so much yoghurt in the past . How are you ? I hope things are manageable and you are feeling positive.. With regards Denizt x


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