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Is it back?

Double mastectomy 7 yrs ago..her 2 +chemo, reconstruction , hysterectomy,many infections and more surgeries , congestive heart failure from chemo,still on tamoxifen now they have found a lump in other reconstruction did a ultrasound and say it is. To the implant going for a more extensive ultrasound today....praying it is not back.. if it is what do they treat it with when you can’t have more chemo?

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Today ultrasound and mammogram radiology thinks it’s calcification see surgeon Monday....I️ feel better


So sorry that you have suffered so much through the years I am also hoping that you are not having a recurrence. But being her2 positive you have quite a few options for further treatment There a a few new chemos available that target cancers of this type of breast cancer. If need be talk to your oncologist about some of the newly approved drugs that arre now available. Here's hoping for the best but don't lose faith if the outcome is not that great There is help available to you.


Can they resume herceptin/perjeta for her2 +?

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I do not know what my treatment could be done because I got congestive heart failure from chemo and had to stop.


I have surgery on December 4th to remove the lump and send to pathology.

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Surgery to take it out,.....report shows no cancer


I am doing the happy dance for you! What a scare! One of the distressing parts of having had a bc diagnosis is that we see every thing thru the cancer lens, impossible not to! When I read your first note, before seeing how this has played out for you during the last 3 months, I did have a couple of thoughts that I still want to share with you. One is that since you have been on Tamoxifen, that points towards the cancer being hormone receptor positive, and there are a number of treatments (not chemo!) options available for that. Even some new targeted treatments since your original diagnosis 7 years ago. It might also be helpful for you to talk with your onc about exactly what it is about some chemo that rules it out now that you have the heart complications. Not all chemo is the same, and people do use the term "chemo" in different ways, sometimes referring to all medications for cancer as chemo, though some are really not chemotherapy but rather hormonal treatment or targeted treatment and those latter two may very well include options that you could use.

You have had a really rough time with surgery and infections and way more than your share of crap! This stuff really wears us down! I don't know what it's been like for you, but I've been dealing with mbc for almost 14 years, and some of the things that have challenged me have been a bit minor compared to the seriousness of this diagnosis. Side effects, symptoms, treatment, effects of the cancer itself on the rest of our bodies--it adds up.

Sometimes I just want to have a good cry, or crawl under the covers, or throw a major tantrum!

I hope you'll have a much much easier 2018! And that you can put this aside for the rest of December and enjoy the holidays. Maybe plan something really special to celebrate the pathology report!


I love your response - it almost had me in tears. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! And your sweet note has me almost in tears, too! We gotta be here for one another! One of the few good things about this blasted cancer .......


Thank You so very much for your kind words. As I healed this week and have been so grateful that this is benign I worry over every bump lump and pain... I am in awe of you being able to win for more than 14 years everyday is a bonus.You are a jewel.

While i was healing i went through my medical records the real ones i had to ask for . It is amazing what the doctors are able to accomplish i counted 29 surgeries i had between october 2010 and 2013 and almost half of them were dealing with the implant rejection . I actually had the implants put in the same time as the double masectomy and in the end lost one dealt with many infections had a tram flap 6 months after implant removal then I dealt with many infections and surgeries from that.

I will talk to my oncologist as to what is available reading my chart it looks like radiation is a option and i will be on the tamoxifen 10 yrs and he hopes something else is available to take after that. I know there are many chemos available and what kind of cancer it is depends on the chemo used. I also know Tamoxifen is not chemo it actually blocks the estrogen binder to her 2 breast cancer ( not exactly right but something like that) i had a complete hysterectomy because tamoxifen can also cause uterine cancer and to get rid of more Estrogen.

I have to admit sometimes I do have a good cry get mad at everyone for no reason ask why me i dont drink dont smoke.....but then i remember why me because i have friends a mom daughters granddaughters and i would not get rid of this if it meant someone else had to have it!!!!

Thanks for listening and I hope we all have a great 2018


Great news!


Greetings:(Mweaver2000, True Warrior,Over-comer). Your testimony has Gods grace and

mercy written all over it. The last unselfish, and considerate paragraph you wrote about

not wanting this disease to touch your loved ones, is exactly the way I felt in 2007, when I

was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was praying and trying to negotiate with God." saying

Lord/God please don't let this disease touch my, sisters, my mother, my aunts or my

cousins". I said God please just let me be that sacrificial statistical 1 in 8 diagnosed with this

disease. I even tried to negotiate with God as to why those loved ones should be spared. and

why I should come home to heaven if need be. Well I am 10 years out of chemotherapy and

radiation treatment. The medical doctors said I would not live to see 2009.( Dr./God ) has

restored me and I have no evidence of disease, and I am still living and loving life because

God has graced me with his mercy.The Lord has let me know that, the medical doctors, nor

my attempt to negotiate and sway Gods mind ,will determine when I leave this physical body,

for destination heaven . Lord/Gods determined my physical birth, and will determine my

eternal life destiny . When that time comes I want to hear God say, come in my good and

faithful servant. I pray all the warriors worldwide and, your loved ones have a Merry

Christmas., and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Amen, Amen and Yessssssss Amen!


I'm sorry to hear that it may have come back. I have Her2 positive and understand heart issues. I'm not sure what other targeted chemos they can do. Is there a second opinion you can go to or are there any clinical trials available that will accept you with your heart condition? Maybe inmuno thearapy? I'm not sure but I will pray for you in hopes that the doctors can find an alternative treatment for you.


Thank God it was not Cancer and if it does come back they have so many new treatments now❤️ I am sorry you have been struck with the her 2 also


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