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2 1/2 years post treatment


Hey Everyone! I'm new here and happy to have found this community. I am a 39 year old, Triple Negative, BRCA 1+ breast cancer thriver. It's been a long road to get here. I have blogged all throughout my journey as a way to stay sane and connected. After treatment ended and once I felt a little energy returning, I committed myself to becoming a Life Coach, and it's the best work I have done! I'm looking forward to making new connections through this site.

If you feel called, my blog is here. Melissashealinghope.com

I just posted something yesterday about the deep learning that came after having felt the shame of rejection, not getting that first full time job I applied for post-cancer. melissashealinghope.com/201...

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Welcome, Melissa! You shining light is most welcome here. I know you will find camaraderie with your BC sisters and also offer comfort and wisdom.

Thanks Cat! You have always been a shining light for me!

Are you neds?

I am!

Are you still taking any type of treatments? How often do you get scans? I'm so happy to be neds, I still worry bout cancer altogether.

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