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Adriamycin, Cytoxan Treatment

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Hello! Everyone I'm going to my initial treatment tomorrow jan. 2, 2019 Happy New Year! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜‚Any advice what to do after getting the infusion. Thanks all. I'm schedule to work the next day but my supervisor give me time to rest very thankful she's very supportive.

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Hi and Happy, healthy New Year. I am right behind you scheduled for January 15th if I decide chemo. I will have to have a port if I do it. I have been debating as I have some complications and oncotype of 26. I will be thinking of you and praying for you.

Angeloveme in reply to Sugarmag

Thank you so much, praying for you too and to all of us battling this disease. We will win,IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

Sugarmag in reply to Angeloveme

Hope that you are doing ok today. Prayers and a hug.

Hope all went well today! And I hope work goes well tomorrow...I typically go into work for a half day after treatment...πŸ˜€ You’ve got this!


I just had my 1st treatment so far I'm still feeling okay they said side effect will kick in after 24 to 72 hours.

I used to take a nap during my chemo treatments. I was so tired. And just like someone else wrote I went in to work after my chemo treatment. I even did spinning class on days of chemo. I wanted to avoid neuropathy in my legs. My husband got that from his chemo experience. The chemo nurse told me she thought moving my legs may prevent neuropathy. She was probably talking about walking and I did spinning instead. I did tell the coach what was going on and that I was not going to exert myself, I just wanted to maintain what I had gained previously. I had nausea and had medication for that. Rarely did I ever vomit. I usually gained at least 5 pounds with each chemo treatment. I drank a lot of fluids after chemo. My oncologist did not think fluid retention should happen. However, I would lose that weight over the next few days. I had difficulty sleeping at night for several nights since I also received a steroid. I just dealt with that. One month after all of my chemo treatments were done, I had trigger fingers. It has been 6 years since my last chemo treatment, and I have had trigger finger in every finger. I have had injections x3 in almost every finger and surgery on one. I stretch my fingers every day to try to prevent trigger fingers. My oncologist told me I would lose my hair. The chemo nurse told me when. Others said, "oh, no, that did not happen to me." Well, my oncologist and chemo nurse were right. I lost my hair when the nurse told me I would. I planned ahead by purchasing a wig. Just remember chemo is temporary. You can get through this and have a good life.

Dear carol817

Thank you for Sharing its really boost my spirit.

How are you doing Angeloveme? Thinking of you.

Angeloveme in reply to Sugarmag

Done 1st dose of treatment on the day of treatment didnt feel nueseated still with good appetite just feeling tired. The next day I stay in bed all day really like no energy at all today I'm okay went back to work. Just keeping myself hydrated. Thank you for checking.

Carol817 in reply to Angeloveme

I also slept about 10 hours a day while getting chemotherapy. When I got home from work, I would take a nap for about 3 hours. I woke up around 9-10 pm and force myself to eat. I had medication to take with a meal. Then, I would go back to sleep. On the weekends I laid in bed. Once I didn't get up until the afternoon. I would make myself get dressed everyday. I did not want to identify with being sick. I could do no physical work around my house. I was just too exhausted. Luckily, a friend found me a cleaning person who still works for me years later. If I even tried to do much, like 15 minutes of cleaning, I would have to take a nap. It took more than 2 years to even feel normal. I am almost 7 years post cancer x2 (diagnosed with breast cancer Aug 11 and Feb 12 while getting chemotherapy), chemotherapy, and multiple surgeries. I feel good.

I'll keep checking in. Take great care and please don't overdo it. Thinking of you.

Angeloveme in reply to Sugarmag

Thank you so much.

Hi. Just checking in on you. How are you doing?

Angeloveme in reply to Sugarmag

Hi, thank you for checking, I'm okay, my next schedule treatment will be on jan 16. Is it normal to feel mild heaviness on the chest wall after dose of treatment and I also feel pulsating mild pain on my spinal cord specially on the lower part that's connect my pelvis?

Angeloveme in reply to Sugarmag

Have you decided to do chemo?

Hi. I decided against chemo.after a second opinion. The first dr said that in my case it depended upon whether I was a glass half full or half empty person. The second dr said that if it were his mother or sister or child and they had the situation that I did he would tell them not to do chemo. That was this past Monday. I've switched oncology teams and hospital affiliations and see a new radiology onocologist Friday so hopefully I will finally begin to move forward with either radiation or implants and hormone pills soon. I would think that it is normal to feel what you are feeling. Guess I will be finding out. Take good care.

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