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new clinical trial for DCIS

Wanted to let all you ladies with DCIS to let you know about a new clinical trial option:

It compares active surveillance to standard care to determine if one has better outcomes.

From the site:

"COMET stands for Comparison of Operative to Monitoring and Endocrine Therapy for low-risk ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). This study will look at different treatment choices for DCIS. It is the first national study in the United States (US) to do so. A randomized clinical trial will enroll 1200 women with low-risk DCIS. Enrollment will take place at about 100 cancer centers throughout the US...

The COMET study will look at two different treatment choices for DCIS:

Standard care. This may include surgery (lumpectomy or mastectomy). It may also include radiation therapy.

Active surveillance. This includes mammograms and physical exams every six months. Surgery is only recommended if needed.

In either group, you and your doctor will decide whether endocrine therapy is a good option.

Once you join the trial, you will be randomized to one of these two groups. This will be done by chance, using a computer. You will not get to choose which group you are assigned to. This is done to achieve the best study results. It ensures that both groups are similar and avoids any bias. It is also done because we don’t know if one treatment is better than the other.

Throughout the study, you will be asked to complete surveys. These surveys will ask about your quality of life and treatment experience. The surveys are very important. They will help to compare risks and benefits between standard care and active surveillance. They will also enable a better understanding of the DCIS experience.

The study will last a minimum of five years. However, you may be asked to remain in the study for up to seven years. The study team may also ask to follow your progress for up to ten years."

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Greetings: Sister/Warrior I thank-you , and I thank God for making available this so very important information on DCIS clinical trials. We must use every resource to fight and win this battle against this disease. My prayers go out to all of my sisters and yes I am not forgetting my brothers who have or are struggling with this same battle, and your loved ones. Be strong/courageous warriors/over-comers. Amen ! ! ! !


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