My journey

I was diagnosed 8/31/16 with Triple negative breast cancer, stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a lumpectomy on 10/3/16. I had a port implanted on 11/4/16 and my first TAC Infusion on 11/14/16. I am on day 18 of cycle 3 with 3 more to go. I'm halfway there!!!

My best suggestion is that you get a support system behind, friends, church, work. And then don't hesitate to ask for help. I have 3 grown sons. One of them goes to chemo with me. Didn't realize what a blessing that would be. One son has 2 sweet little girls, so having 3 hours to talk uninterrupted was wonderful. My youngest son is the one who has been with me at doctors appointments, and 2 chemos so far.

I live with my sister who has been doing all the cooking and fetching for me. I finally asked for help with meals 2xs a week from the church. They of course were so glad to help. We used to schedule meals. It is easy to set up and use.

I have not been able to go to work. I've experienced really bad fatigue, that has gotten worse each cycle. The week after chemo I can barely get out of bed. I am on day 18 cycle 3, so feeling stronger today. I don't understand how people go to work. Even without the fatigue, my blood count goes down so low, I couldn't be around people. I do get Neulasta day 2. You just have to realize everyone is different and go with what you get. I had a meltdown last week, I was trying to help my sister by making my spaghetti sauce...after chopping 2 bell peppers, I had to go to bed. That's when I realized, I can't rush how I feel, and I needed to ask for help with meals. Not just for me but for my #1 caregiver. I know this is hard on her, too. We moved in together 8 years ago so I could be here to help her. She has MS. Fortunately she is on new meds agony doing really well.

A positive attitude, support from my church and family, and my Prayer Warrior Sisters (a group of 7 women who have a text thread to pray for each, our family and friends) are all helping me FIGHT LIKE A GIRL, get through this journey, and win this battle.

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  • I think that you have written some very important words of wisdom that other women can learn from Thank you so much for sharing.

  • You are blessed to have a wounderful support system.It is ok to have a breakdown now and then some of the greatest worriers have had thoes moments, so keep on fighting like a girl cause you got this!

    God bless

  • Thank you so much for the information! It really helps alot, i have a lot of faith that I will be fine. It's not knowing what they're doing to do. I'm still waiting for my initial consultation.

  • Yes, the not knowing is awful. Fortunately my care team is all for up front information and answer all my questions.

  • I am now on cycle 4 day 10 and have been in the hospital for 5 days. Came in with 101.5 fever. White count 0.2 and hemoglobin 6.9. I've been getting IV antibiotics 2 times a day. Also got lots of IV fluids first few days so now have edema in feet and hands. That's new as i usually am fighting dehydration. Hemoglobin went down to 6.4 so got one unit of blood. I got Neulasta on day 2 and on day 9 white count heading up (0.5). Have to be here until that recovers to a safer level.

    Trying not to get discouraged as every cycle has had some major event. They try to do something preventive for the next cycle...but on it goes. Two more cycles to go. Has anyone else experienced similar hospital stay during chemo. This is my second stay. First was 6 days on first round.

  • I also have terrible sinus drainage which has resulted in my head being completely filled up and ears terribly stopped up and sound like I'm coughing up a lung. Taking Sudafed, Afrin has helped. Also getting high powered codeine type cough meds every six hours, which allows me to sleep, but as soon as I wake up, I'm coughing everything up.

  • Greetings: Mabethea /Warrior/Over-comer I meant to send you this e-mail a while ago. I was also diagnosed 9 years ago with stage II triple negative breast cancer, after being misdiagnosed for almost a year. 10 of my 12 lymph nodes were effected by cancer.I was told I had around a year to live which I communicated about In an.aforementioned post. Father /God has kept me here happy and healthy with no evidence of disease now 9 years after my last treatment..My doctors don't want me to have any more blood test done.Along my journey many medical doctors can't understand why I am still alive and flourishing.I am one of Lord/Gods miracles.What has been done for me is yours for the taking. I pray for Gods supernatural healing in your body, Believe it and receive it.YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS AMEN!

  • I recieved your blessing. Thank you do much. I will very a faithful group of ladies that pray for me daily, hourly...and have been claiming this for me. I know God has an awesome plan for me as soon many unbelievable things have happened in my family in the short time I've been diagnosed. One of the worst side effects for me has been not being able to be either my two sweet little granddaughtersomething, the rest of my family, and my children at church where I am Children's Minister. But I know God's giving me a powerful testimony. Thank you for your encouragement and blessing. May God continue to bless you!

  • Oh, my goodness, I didn't proofread that! I recieve your blessing. Thank you so much. I have a very faithful group of ladies...

  • I have my 3 week post radiation checkup tomorrow and lab work and first 3 month checkup with oncologist. I had a meltdown last night but better today. I don't think he does anything more than blood not sure how you can tell there's no cancer. Assuming I'll need a mammogram periodically. I'm concerned that I have been having pain when I get up in the morning in my leg that has had a total hip replacement. It doesn't really hurt during the day, just at night and on rising. It starts in the hip and radiates down the front of my leg. Do you ever get over thinking every pain or twitch is cancer?

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