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Help please!

I'm 19 and had Sex for the first time on Saturday morning. We used a condom and I bled a little after which I understand is usual for your first time but I came on my period on Sunday afternoon which is 2 weeks early, and I've never really been early, I am really worried and paranoid something is wrong, but don't know if it is normal and I'm getting worked up over nothing? Please help :(

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Hello, the first time I had sex, I actually started my period too. It made it start, so it was pretty scary because I bled alot. I don't think its anything to worry about, our periods are pron to fluctuate. But if it put you at better ease, you should make a doctors appointment. Its important to get checked out often if your sexually active. Hoped I helped a little.

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Thank you I've been so paranoid you have put my mind at ease will probably book an appointment soon too :)


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