Help please!!!

Help please!!!

I'm currently waiting test results from gum clinic but I currently have extremely sore ulcers in and on my vagina. It's also suspected behcets syndrome but was looking for anyone's opinion on what this could be? Doesn't look like any pics I've googled on herpes and obvs I would be devastated if it came back positive but any thoughts welcome! Many thanks

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  • Hey,

    If you have possibly seen sexually active wthout protection then that could settle your mind. But wait for the gum clinic results... if negative then go to GP and be referred to a gynaecologist for further investigations. :)

  • Thank you I'm so Hoping for a negative but my anxiety is through the roof!

  • Certainly the appearance is not typical for herpes and if you have no additional symptoms, then Behcets is also uncertain. It maybe that you have to live with uncertainty for a while as you wait for results and the future progress of this.

    Not easy

  • Looks like herpes lovey. Ugh I know the pain.

  • Have you had herpes? If so does it re occur ? Thanks

  • Hi Suzy,

    I am just wondering whether this could possibly be lichen sclerosus? That said, you mention ulcers and I don't believe they are a symptom of LS.

    If you wanted to google the condition, there are some sites that have pictures (not always very clear), but it may just be worth your while checking this out and perhaps mentioning it to your doctor?

    Hopefully, the test results will provide you with a definitive answer.

    I hope you get reassuring news from the GUM clinic; anything untoward in these areas is always wretched.

    Kindest regards and all good wishes.

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